28 August, 2012

UDUB Elects Candidates For Next Presidential Election

UDUB Elects Candidates For Next Presidential Election

Hargeisa: A meeting of the UBUB Central Committee which opened formally yesterday, the 27th of August, at the conference centre of the Ambassador Hotel has elected the candidates for the next Presidential elections in Somaliland.

Mohamed Ali Waran'Adde, the former minister of Civil Aviation, has been elected as the UDUB candidate for the 2015 Presidential election. Ahmed Haji Dahir Elmi has been elected as prospective Vice-Presidential candidate at the next election.

The Central Committee re-elected former President Dahir Rayale Kahin as the party chair until 2015.

The meeting formally accepted the resignation of the former Vice-Chair and Vice-President of Somaliland, Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, who has decided to take his seat in the Somaliland House of Elders.

Finally, according to reliable sources, the meeting of UDUB's central committee has gone into recess until talks between the party and several other political parties recently removed from the local elections registration roll by the Siilaanyo administration are concluded.

Our sources indicate that the post of Deputy Chair is been held open for a candidate from either UDHIS or HORYAAL, under the UDUB umbrella.


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