18 March, 2013

Somaliland: Sheikh Threatens Somaliland On Anti-Terrorism Operations

Somaliland: Sheikh Threatens Somaliland On Anti-Terrorism Operations

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Hargeisa — A well known Sheikh in Somaliland stated at a Friday sermon that the Somaliland government was taking part in a war against Muslims after the breakaway region began cracking down on Al Shabaab related terrorists, Garowe Online reports.

Sheikh Abdirahman Adan Sunne who is a prominent scholar in Somaliland stated at a Hargeisa mosque on Friday that the government was responsible for taking part in a war against Islam and that the consequences could be dire for Somaliland.

In his 45 minute sermon, the Sheikh condemned the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) - a British trained counter-terrorism unit - for waging war against Islam.

Somaliland authorities have begun arresting and capturing alleged terrorists after national and international wide criticism for their inactiveness against terrorists operating in Somaliland.

Puntland has called on the Somaliland authorities to coordinate and cooperate with Puntland authorities to fight terrorism in the region. Some officials have accused the breakaway region of harboring terrorists as long as they didn't carry out operations in Somaliland.

On Wednesday, Somaliland authorities extradited Abdullahi Osman Aynte, an alleged accomplice and organizer of the assassination of the prominent Sheikh Abdiqadir Farah Nur.

This is the first threat and accusations of that nature by an Islamic scholar from Somaliland, since Somaliland's crackdown on terrorists in the region began last month.

Also in Somaliland, members of the opposition have criticized Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo for opting not to take part in the upcoming London conference on Somalia.

President Silanyo took part in last year's conference alongside Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole and then Transitional Federal Government President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed

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