07 March, 2013

UCID’s Jamal Ali Hussien On Fuel Prices & The TOTAL Controversy

UCID's Jamal Ali Hussien On Fuel Prices & The TOTAL Controversy

Hargeisa-:- The prospective presidential candidate for UCID, Jamal Ali Hussein has issued a new communique on the inflation crisis in Somaliland, in particular on the rise in fuel prices and the controversy surrounding the fuel tanks at Berbera and the contract with TOTAL.

In his communique Jamal Ali stated "We have seen the exorbitant increase in fuel prices in Somaliland which has led to an increase in the daily essentials such as food, electricity and so on. I have read in the media that the price of diesel from the tanks in Berbera has increased by at least $25, without a clear indication for the reason of such an increase. We have also seen the price of one litre go from 4,700 Som.Sh in 2010 when Kulmiye came to power to 8,000 Som.Sh. today, an increase of 100% in just 2 years!. When Kulmiye came to power, they went after TOTAL who managed the tanks in Berbera, and who had signed a contract with the previous administration led by UDUB. After voiding the contract with TOTAL, which was in contravention of business law which has led to a current lawsuit in Paris filed by TOTAL. When the administration took the step of removing TOTAL from the picture it promised to bring a national agency to take over the services at the complex. So far, we have seen neither a transparent tenders for such a programme, the complex is in dire straits, the tanks are full of bio-fuel and the prices have doubled!".

UCID's Jamal Ali Hussein continued "It is one thing to try and bring national assets under national control, but if you have neither the capability nor the skills required to run a complex organisation, such as the fuel instillation in Berbera, let those with the expertise handle the matter, and keep them accountable and regulate them. The reason behind TOTAL's management of the complex, was to transfer skill and train Somaliland's technician, to use TOTAL's assets and expertise to manage the instillation and bring about quality fuel at a reasonable price. But, it seems that this administration has managed to bite of more than it could chew. One must know his or her limitations, and you do not throw the baby out with the bathwater".

UCID's prospective presidential candidate, Jamal Ali Hussien concluded his communique by stating "What is needed now is to bring about a proper competition for awarding the management of the instillation. To bring the necessary expertise whether indigenous or foreign, and to let those who know what they are doing get on with the job in order to control the spiralling cost to fuel which leads to increased costs in the basic needs of the average Somalilander".

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