23 March, 2013

Obama’s Mix of Reality and Fantasy

Despite today's warmth it's clear there's still considerable distance between Obama and Bibi.
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Obama's Mix of Reality and Fantasy

President Obama continued his charm offensive with the people of Israel with his speech to an audience of students in Jerusalem that reaffirmed his support for Zionism and Israel's "unbreakable" alliance with the United States. But however far he may have gone toward reassuring Israelis of his concern for their security during this trip, many of the headlines today will be devoted to the part of his address that attempted to prod the Jewish state to recommit to the peace process. Read more... 
Today's Opinion

Iran Genocide Threat Shows Danger Is Downplayed, Not Overhyped

President Obama reaffirmed his pledge never to allow Iran to gain a nuclear weapon today in Israel while also urging his listeners to give diplomacy more time to succeed. But the one person in the world whom the president needs to persuade to listen to reason on the issue apparently has other ideas. Read more... 

Three Years Too Late, Finally Some Honesty on Obamacare

This weekend marks the third anniversary of Obama's signature achievement, the healthcare bill named the "Affordable Care Act," better known as Obamacare. At the time of the bill's passage the New York Times called it an "attack on wealth inequality," and unsurprisingly the paper was full-throated in its support of the president and his agenda. Now that the bill is safely passed and its namesake has been reelected, the Times small business section has come to a shocking realization: Obamacare is going to very seriously, and very negatively, impact small businesses. In two separate stories on their homepage the picture is clear: business owners are facing tough decisions regarding their compliance and most of the possible scenarios will end up hurting the employees that the healthcare law was supposed to be protecting. Read more...

The Strange, but Revealing, Budget Process

I suppose it says something about Washington that the act of voting on a federal budget is now a symbolic exercise with relevance only to the next congressional election's various campaign advertisements. But we are now represented by a Congress which approaches the budget process with no intention of enacting an actual budget. The only measure of true bipartisan agreement is that President Obama's ide 

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