27 February, 2013

Government Confirms Al-Shabaab Suspects Arrested In Sanaag & Hargeisa

Government Confirms Al-Shabaab Suspects Arrested In Sanaag & Hargeisa
Hargeisa:- The Somaliland government has confirmed that an unknown number of people with suspected links to the Al-Shabaab group from Somalia have been arrested at recent operations conducted by the Somaliland Defence Forces in the eastern parts of Sanaag and Sool region. The government has also confirmed that a few suspects had been arrested in Hargeisa through extensive operations conducted by the Somaliland Security Forces.

This is the first time that the government of Somaliland has officially clarified the extent of Al-Shabaab's penetration into to the country.

Speaking to the local media, the Somaliland Defence minister, Ahmed Haji Ali Addami stated that Somaliland and the United Kingdom have been co-operating in order to resolve the issue of the travel ban imposed on British nationals to Somaliland and Somalia.

Sources indicate that the Al-Shabaab group having been routed in Somalia by Amison forces are trying to attain footholds in the eastern regions of Somaliland. Al-Shabaab have also been reported to have infiltrated the areas under the control of the Puntland and Gal-Mudug states of Somalia.

All in all, the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Silaanyo" having been caught unprepared by the travel bans from the United Kingdom and the United States of American warning its citizens from travelling to the country have finally decided to address that matter and level with the people of Somaliland with regard to the graveness of the issue.

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