04 June, 2017


Humanity is at the end. Innocent people are slaughtered in the four corners of the world daily if not by the hour, and most killed are Muslims killed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Last night London was attacked cowardly and in the wildest barbarity. The most international city on the earth, where all faiths live side by side in harmony, where all ethnicities shake hands of greetings every second and where over 100 languages are spoken is attacked.

London is where my faith, Islam, is practised more freely than in many Muslim majority countries.
United Kingdom is the home of Millions of Muslims that found shelter and care after they ran from the killing fields of their own country. I am one of them.

Islam is free of these acts of insane, Satan driven individuals. The holy Quran says: (Whoever kills an innocent life is as if he has killed all of humanity.)... SuratAl-Ma'idah 5:32

The freedom we have in United Kingdom, gives us the opportunity to spread Islam to the entire world. For in these United Kingdom dwells the entire human race. There is no nationality that does not call U.K its home. We can spread Islam, when we practise it in peace and love and when we act as good ambassadors to our serene Islam. Killing innocent people sends bad and contrary messages to the truth of our religion. It is a duty of Muslims to fight and fight with all possible forces this damaging if not killing acts of terror to our sacred belief. It awards wrong impressions against our religion, and serves none but our enemies. We have to be at the first front in the war against this devil occupied demagogues.

Spread peace and love. Follow the kindest of all mankind, our Prophet Mohammed, May Allah give him peace and blessings.

My deep condolences to the innocent victims of these heinous acts. My sympathy to the families of the deceased and wounded, to the government and to the citizens of my United Kingdom.

Don't let terrorism succeed. They want to divide us. Show them, the more they show their ugliness, the more we unite in beauty and harmony. Unite against terrorism, and keep U.K what it is, the heart of civilisation, and the centre of human race.

Ahmed Hassan Arwo
Somaliland Presidential Senior Economic Advisor


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