05 May, 2014

Clean Water Project

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If you're thinking about signing up for RatingsDB and ARN Daily Premium any time within the next few weeks, this week will be your chance to get the best price of the year on both services and make a significant contribution to the fight against the global water crisis.
From this Wednesday (5/7) through next Friday (5/16), you'll have the opportunity to register for both ARN Daily Premium and RatingsDB for one low fee. For just $149.00, you can get an annual subscription to both services. You'll get access to our web-based research tool and a subscription to our premium email newsletter for less than one-third of what you would pay otherwise. 

50% of your first year's payment will be donated directly to Charity Water, a non-profit organization that helps bring clean drinking water to children and families in developing countries. 

Why does clean drinking water matter so much? Nearly 1 billion people do not have safe water to drink. As a result, a child dies every 15 seconds from a lack of clean water. 115 people die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water. 1 in 5 children who die before age 5 worldwide, die of a water related disease. Children often walk miles every day to collect dirty water to drink, preventing them from receiving an education.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of clean drinking water. Our goal is to raise $5,000 for this initiative, which would be enough to completely fund a water project in a developing country, allowing hundreds of people to have access to safe drinking water for the first time. 

Keep an eye on your inbox Wednesday morning to take advantage of this great opportunity.
Matthew Paulson
Analyst Ratings Network

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