14 June, 2013

Somaliland Shutters Hubaal Newspaper

Somaliland Shutters Hubaal Newspaper

A Somaliland regional court Tuesday (June 11th) banned the publishing and distribution of Hargeisa-based independent newspaper Hubaal News Network.

"The court orders that Hubaal newspaper cannot be issued in the region and cannot be published in any of the printing companies in the region until further orders from Marodi Jeh Regional Court," head of the court Faisal Abdullahi Ismail said in a statement.

Ismail said the ban was issued after the court received a request from the office of Somaliland's Attorney General. The court did not explain the reasons behind the request.

There were no pending cases against Hubaal and the paper's administration did not receive any notice from the court or the prosecution, according to Hubaal editor Hassan Hussein Kefkef.

"We found out the decision through the government radio station. The court did not inform us," Kefkef told Sabahi. "After a while, police officers took over the headquarters and they barred us from it."

Two gunmen attacked Hubaal headquarters April 24th, injuring manager Mohamed Ahmed Jama, known as Aloley. One of the attackers was arrested immediately and confirmed to be a member of the police force.



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