18 February, 2013

More Kulmiye Senior Officials In Bid To Replace President Silaanyo

More Kulmiye Senior Officials In Bid To Replace President Silaanyo

Hargeisa-More Kulmiye senior officials, including the Somaliland minister of Finacne, Abdiasis Samale have thrown their hat into the ring to replace the incumbent President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Silaanyo" in the next presidential elections due in 2015.

President Silaanyo who was elected in 2010 and only half-way through his five year mandate has been blinded sided by the issue of his successor as prospective presidential candidate.

President Silaanyo who has just returned from visit to the United Kingdom has become engulfed in an issue that pertains to an event at least two years away.

But, it would appear that the jockeying for the position to succeeded President Silaanyo has been exacerbated by the president's request for a second vice-president, and also the issue of the president's age and health.

Among those rumoured to be actively lobbying to succeed the president as Kulmiye's prospective presidential candidate, are current Vice-President Abdirahman "Saylici", party chair Muse Bihi, deputy-chair Mohamed Kahin and Finance minister, Abdiasis Samale.

Newly minted minister for Resettlement and former SSC stalwart, Saleeban Isse "Xagla-toosiye" has become hot favourite to be the prospective 2nd vice-president, if and when the issue, passes constitutional muster in the parliament and law courts.

All in all, the competition for President Silaanyo's job appears to be gathering pace, and seems to be fuelled by the belief in certain circles that the president may not be able to serve consecutive terms, and it is time to select a new leader to lead Kulmiye in 2015

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