20 October, 2012

Cardiff Hit-And-Runs: Police Hunt Mystery Car

Cardiff Hit-And-Runs: Police Hunt Mystery Car

Police say a car was seen driving on the wrong side of the road shortly before 15 people were mown down in Cardiff, killing one.

Detectives investigating a hit-and-run rampage in which a mother of a disabled child was killed are appealing for information about a mystery car seen driving on the wrong side of the road shortly before the crashes.
Karina Menzies, 32, was killed yesterday and 13 people were injured when a driver brought terror to roads in Cardiff.
As it emerged today that Ms Menzies' child is on a "dream holiday" in Florida and does not know of the tragedy, police revealed new details of the investigation.
Police are continuing to question a 31-year-old man on suspicion of her murder as well as investigating reports that he deliberately knocked people down in the Welsh capital with a white Iveco van.
Detective Superintendent Paul Hurley confirmed reports that the suspect left his vehicle and physically assaulted people between the crashes and also carried a weapon.
The white van pictured after being stopped by police
The officer said: "We are aware the suspect assaulted people outside his vehicle," and he added police were "looking to identify and recover" the weapon.
He said no firearm was involved and there was no suggestion anyone had been stabbed.
Mr Hurley urged witnesses to get in touch and asked for information about a black Renault Clio seen driving on the wrong side of the road of Western Avenue, not far from Cowbridge Road West, where one crash happened.
The horrific events began when police received calls about an incident in Crossways Road in Ely at 3.30pm.
This was soon followed by other reports of hit-and-run collisions in several locations in the west of the city, including Grand Avenue, Cowbridge Road West and the Leckwith Retail Park.
Map of Cardiff 'hit and run' car accidents
Police were called to five locations in Cardiff
There was no full registration details for the Clio but officers said it carried an 05 plate.
Fourteen people were injured in the crashes, nine remain in hospital. Five are children and two adults remain in a critical condition.
Seventy officers are working on the investigation.
Floral tributes were laid at the scene where Ms Menzies was killed.
Among those paying their respects was local Labour MP Kevin Brennan.
Scenes of hit and run incidents in Cardiff, Wales
Police examine the scene of one of the crashes
He said: "Karina was a well-liked mother who had three children. One of her children is disabled and is currently on a dream holiday in Florida."
Ely sub-postmaster Shady Taha, 29, had just served two girls aged about 10 and a woman in her mid-20s moments before one of the hit-and-runs in Grand Avenue, immediately outside a row of shops.
He said: "All of a sudden I heard a bang. I looked out and across the road one girl was on the floor and the other girl was screaming. I heard a van speed off but I did not see it."
Lynda Paterson, who lives in Cowbridge Road West, described the scene outside her house as chaotic.
"I was going to pick my children up from school and I could see there were police and someone was lying on the floor, on the pavement."
Other eyewitnesses said pedestrians were deliberately targeted by someone driving a white van.
The crime scenes included Ely fire station, an area near the Merrie Harrier pub in Llandough on the outskirts of Cardiff, where the suspect was arrested, and Leckwith Retail Park - next to the Cardiff City Stadium.


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