04 May, 2012



Ahmed Arwo

Enemies are coming from all directions. They rest not a minute. They are united to destroy Somaliland. To them harming in any place and manner is a target. We are in cross roads. Be aware within ourselves regardless of social status, always there are those who share with us the name, the colour, and the nationality, the tribe and the clan, yet they join our enemies for material and short term gains. They short sell our dear Somaliland. 

We forgave but not forgotten, the destruction of our cities, the killings of innocent citizens including thousands of children and women. We seek no revenge. We did that not in position of weakness but on contrary, we choose stability and prosperity to mayhem of war and famine. We rebuilt our country without help from abroad. No one but with our brain power and muscles and the grace of Allah, we established a democratic country where rule of the law is the norm, where governments are voted in and voted out. 

We are enemies to no one, and we wish all for peace and development. We love friendship with all, respect our neighbours and seek their collaboration for the peace and progress in our region. We love Somalis to live in peace and high quality of life in all their countries. We demand no more, no less but to be left alone in our own affairs, and ready to cooperate with all for the benefit of the region. We put ourselves to the same level of others, neither above nor under. We are realistic and build our aspirations on the reality on the ground. We believe that truth will defeat lie and right will succeed over wrong no matter how long it takes.

Nowadays in this thriving democracy, the peaceful oasis of the horn of Africa, there are waves of new political associations licensed to partake in the coming local government election due soon. Others were disqualified by the Licensing Commission of Political Organizations. Disqualified organizations are not content but believe let down by the authority. Rather than jumping into illegal acts that may mitigate our security, there must be proper and legal complaint process to redress this situation. On the other hand it is incumbent upon the Commission to explain to each and every organization where it failed and how, in a transparent and credible manner. We have all to respect the law and the law must show equality and impartiality. Let us join hands to solve our difference by listening, consulting widely and finally leave the legal process to conclude and close this tension. We should avoid anything that our enemies can use as a fuel to harm our stability and unity. Be aware that they prey on our differences and add salt to all our pains even to minuscule bruises. 

Love your brother for all that you love for yourself. That is not my saying but that of our blessed Prophet PBUH. Fetch no more, by following this Hadith, there will be peace in Somalia and all over the world. There will be no jealousy but love, no discrimination but equality, no oppression but justice, no cruelty but kindness, and no conspiracy but trust. Alas, we look remedy where there is none and ignore the prescribed medicine for all our social malaise...our beloved Islam. I never saw 10 words as useful as this Hadith. Follow it and you will see change in your entire life and the same applies on national and international level. I feel at peace with entire humanity by following this noble Hadith.

We need to be more realistic. Somaliland is so much different from Somalia. In Somaliland there is functioning institutions built on democracy, elections concluded by the free will of its citizens. Stability is earned and it fuelled rapid and healthy economic growth. The Somaliland government has so far succeeded its fight against Piracy & terrorism. All these are alien to Somalia. The gap is so enormous the best they can be is two independent and sovereign neighbor states. We have to give a credit where it is due otherwise we will not be so much different than those who are creating chaos in the region.

We, in Somaliland all (Government, opposition and civil societies) agreed to talk to Somalia seeking separation and realizing two Somali states with full sovereignty. That doesn´t mean Somaliland has to get a divorce certificate from Somalia. It doesn´t need one for she divorced Somalia and made their marriage null and void 21 years ago. Two decades after, no sane person can talk about divorce. The agenda must be how we can help each other to the benefit of us all. What role can we play in the complex and strategically important regional politics? We need to address the issues that touch the lives of our people. The peace we need the market we ought to create, the defence and security cooperation we lack.

All will be done when each one respects the Hadith: love your brother what you love for yourself. No fraud or force needed but consultation and dialogue. With two friendly states we can accomplish more positive products, socially and economically, than having a shamble of one state where we slaughter one another. Let us be frank to ourselves. We can be brothers where crossing boundaries are simple and open, where citizens can settle and trade in which state they choose. We can copy the system that works in European Union States where neither nationality nor language differences complicated the travel of goods and people within the Union countries. It will work for us easier for we share language and religion. Think positive and think bright. Make the available best option your target. Don´t dream the unreachable. The dream of Greater Somalia where all five Somalis united under one state is unthinkable at this time and point. Let generation to come, seek that dream in better times. Today win over yourself to love your brother what you love for yourself.

Make Somaliland and Somalia two independent states with open frontiers where goods and people crisscross freely. Let that sense of brotherhood extended to Jabuti and eventually to Somali Zones in Ethiopia and Kenya. Move onward and look no more behind. Think how to build a better, prosperous and peaceful Somalis who will be respected as contributors to world development and not parasites and terrorists. We can do and we should do.

I believe majority of Somalis share my opinion but most are silent. Let the silent majority raise their voices. For their voices will bring nearer, the peaceful solution we need for our future. 

This article represents no one but my own self. It is personal and it is from my heart full of love and sense of brotherhood for all Somalis. 


Ahmed Hassan Arwo

Somaliland Presidential Economic Advisor





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