07 June, 2017

1438 Ramadan Mubarak Spreading the message of Qur’an

1438 Ramadan Mubarak Spreading the message of Qur’an

The Jeddah-based Holy Qur’an Memorization International Organization (HQMIO), an affiliate of Muslim World League (MWL), has been playing an important role in spreading the message of Qur’an all over the world by conducting a variety of educational programs.

The organization will hold a grand ceremony in Jeddah during the holy month of Ramadan to honor the winners of its international prize for the service to the Holy Qur’an.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of MWL, thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for his support to the program, adding that it would be attended by prominent personalities including academics and scholars.

The prize categories include: The best personality in service to the Qur’an; the best college of Qur’an; the best Qur’an contest; the best Qur’an society; the best model institute for Qur’an memorization; the best Qur’an memorization teacher; the best TV program on the Qur’an; the best website on the Qur’an; the best Qur’an scholar; and the best Qur’anic research.

“By organizing this international prize we intend to highlight and recognize the efforts of various individuals and organizations in the service of Qur’an and honor the best among them,” said Dr. Al-Turki. “We hope the prize would encourage Qur’anic institutions to compete with one another by developing their educational systems and improving their performance.”

Dr. Abdullah Basfar, secretary-general of HQMIO, thanked King Abdullah for his generous support to his organization. “Since the time of King Abdul Aziz, the Saudi leaders have given utmost importance to teaching and spreading the message of the Holy Qur’an.”

The Qur’an is a divine book of guidance sent by the Almighty for the progress and salvation of the whole humanity. If offers the panacea for the problems facing mankind.

Basfar urged people all over the world to look at Islam and the Qur'an fairly for their own benefit. "After the global financial crisis, some Western thinkers and economists called for introducing the Islamic banking system. The world should be humble to learn what God has taught it through Islam,” he said. Basfar's organization, which was established in 2000, runs more than 60 model Qur'an memorization institutes in Africa, Asia and Europe. Students are also taught Arabic, Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith, Tawhid and Islamic history.

"We provide scholarships to graduates of these institutes to pursue higher studies in medicine, engineering, management and other courses," he said, adding that the HQMIO has so far given more than 1,500 scholarships. The organization also sponsors Qur'an learning centers at mosques.

Basfar called for joint efforts by international Muslim organizations to spread the message of Qur’an, being the word of God and a blessing for the whole mankind. “There are millions of Muslims who do not even know how to read a small chapter of the Qur’an,” he said.

Basfer’s organization also holds Qur’an recitation and memorization contests at national, regional and international levels in order to encourage Muslim youths to study the holy book.

HQMIO has been organizing an annual competition for Pakistani children below 10 in Islamabad, which draws 1,000 boys and girls. HQMIO held a ceremony in Islamabad two days ago to honor young winners of the competition, which was attended by prominent Pakistani and Saudi officials.

Addressing the function, Jassim bin Muhammad Al-Khaledi, deputy head of mission at Saudi Embassy, commended the efforts of MWL and its organizations such as HQMIO and the International Islamic Relief Organization Saudi Arabia in the service of Islam and Muslims.


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