30 May, 2015

Gaza power plant to shut down due to lack of fuel

File photo of people queing up for fuel due to fuel shortage

The Energy and Natural Resources Authority in Gaza has warned that the enclave's sole power plant will be forced to shut down after the Palestinian Petroleum Authority in Ramallah reduced the station's fuel share.

In a statement, the Energy Authority criticised the General Petroleum Corporation's decision to reduce Gaza's fuel share and its reluctance to provide the necessary amount to operate the station without "taking into account professional, national and humanitarian considerations, especially in this critical period of the year with the beginning of the summer season".

"The current amount of fuel allows the plant to operate for a limited number of hours only. It also threatens the power plant's operations from Friday evening unless the needed amount of fuel is transferred," the statement said.

The authority added that it "makes every effort to save fuel but feels paralysed by the General Petroleum Corporation's reluctance."

It appealed to the Palestinian Energy Authority in Ramallah and all stakeholders to overcome any obstacles and supply it with enough fuel to operate the plant and avoid intensifying the Palestinian people's humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza has been suffering from an electricity crisis where electricity is supplied for only eight hours per day following last summer's Israeli offensive.


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