19 January, 2015

Three Frenchmen accused of preparing a jihad trip to Yemen or Somalia

Four, six and ten years in jail (of prison penalties) were requested on Tuesday, in Paris, against three Frenchmen accused of preparing a jihad trip to Yemen or Somalia. It is the first terrorists' trial for the criminal court of Paris, since last week's attacks against Charlie Hebdo. In his indictment, prosecutor Nicolas Le Bris underlined that "the recent actuality shows how the fear of terrorism is grounded."

The three defendants, native from Le Havre, were part of a group of six persons, among which five French citizens, arrested in Djibouti on April 4th, 2012. Evicted from Djibouti to France, they seized the opportunity during a stopover in Cairo to reach Senegal. Djibouti is their gate to Yemen and Al Qaeda in Arabic peninsula (AQPA), or al Shabab in Somalia, prosecutor said.

The main defendant, Abdoul M' Bodji, age 32 , is under international warrant. Ten years of prison are requested against him. The French homeland Intelligence Office (DCRI, become since DGSI) report him as a religious radical. He has also contacts with a jihadist cell in the south of France, the group Forsane Alizza, and was seen among the "Islamic police" of Tombouctou, Mali. His brother Sileymanie, age 27, appears as a "follower" to the prosecutor, who requested against him a six-year prison penalty. He was arrested in Orly airport on his way back from Senegal.

The third defendant, age 30, free under control and evicted from the group, is facing only four years. Speaking at the end of audience, he condemned the jihad: "Islam it is not so," he said. Judgment on Friday, January 16th.



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