08 December, 2014


Reported by ‘Aishah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “Allah is Forbearer and loves forbearance in all matters.” (Bukhari )

Death is a harsh and fearful reality faced by everyone who lives. No one has the power to avoid it, nor does anyone around the dying person have the ability to prevent it. It is something, which happens every moment and is encountered by the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. They are all the same because there is no plan or means of escaping it, no power, no means of intercession, no way to prevent it, nor to delay it, which shows that indeed it comes from One having tremendous power - so that the human is helpless in this regard and can only submit to it.
"And we granted not to any human being immortality before you (O Muhammad), then if you die, would they live forever? Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good, and to Us you will be returned."
(Qur'an Al-Anbiyah 21:34-35)

Aslama Alyakum

Inaa Lilaa wa innaa Illeyhu rajicuun . I have traveled on your journey . I could not contain myself when I heard walaahi I screamed,cried, weep,my children couldn't understand what happened. I have weep, cried and thought this can't be real. I mourned with you. I went on the journey with,heart mind and soul. I am not sure even how to express myself. I do know I am finding it so difficult it is affecting my mind,body and soul if only.I could not speak and tears are what our eyes speak when our lips cannot find the words to describe the pain. I ask Allah for forgiveness. I do not have a mountain of iman May Allah increase me in Iman Inshallah.
Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Arwo
I hear and feel you Ahmed,my uncle,inadeer,my mentor, my awoowo. it was so therapeutic that you shared the burial ritual. I thought alhamdulilah he died prepared for his lord and creator and I feel confident his abode is a better one. The pain remains with us though.
I'm not sure what to do or how to handle it . I accept the preordained yet I can't help to break down I keep saying ouch,ouch, aha feeling such immense pain that will not go away even though I accept my mind and heart grieve deeply and are not settling. I admire Amal and Najaat for their strong imam and for their courage and bravery . Alhamdullahi for your wonderful family who assisted you.
What a remarkable young man, courageous,brave spared you pain he is definitely in jannah Inshallah. I am sure you wanted to share the pain with him even though you wouldn't be able take it away from him but rest assured he is the people of jannah and it was meant to be this way cannot be changed and couldn't change prior. Subhanalah to endure such, pain no medication. I cannot imagine. He had the character of someone with sound spirituality the sabr and endurance and the shukr are truly those of strong faith. I saw him last December happy,bubbly joker,. You raised him to be a true man. Do not doubt yourself for 1 minute Ahmed, you did a remarkable job. This is a test for you now. A remarkable young man with deep conviction of his creator. Rest assured any other fish and chips would not have prepared himself in such manner,they would lose their heads or be suicidal at best. I just saw another picture of him and the girls and I broke down. I cry as I write.
Ahmed adeero,friend,confidant, coach,nurture strength of spirit in the sudden event of misfortune . Mohamed was everything a son could be. No one could wish for better child, alhamdulilah he was an example and will continue to be. Your deep affirming faith, Amal's courage, in this time of trial. Say Alhamdullahi, his departature from this world was in the best way.it is said in a hadith related the one who drowns,the one who dies of abdomen disease are shaheed in Islam rest, be assured it was his time and he spared you pain manshallah. It is a test for you. You must imagine his abode is in jannah . In another hadith it is said that charity eases the suffering of death and relieves the wrath of Allah. We hope this is the case through the kindness he showed his parents.
I remember and know Mohamed so well almost like you do, he was an extension of my own brother Mohamed and my nephew Hassan. In fact he is right between them and the love I have for him is a mixture of the love I have for those 2. His smile and his pleasant mannerisms. His sharp intellectual, mind so on point. His impeccable character, quiet yet social. I make dua from my heart. I have being making dua since his death and have shared the story with all my friends. They made dua for him at our local madrassa. Not a day has gone by that I have not remembered him since that day. I called my mum again today ( as I do do everyday since Mohamed's death) and she had to tell me to stop she could not bear it herself. In the words of Samia Ali Muna she said crying he was so strong and solid.
I have known him since childhood we are such close family. Do not feel guilt you raised him to be a man. You for filed you duty towards him. Yes you were away but you have to remember the strength,the spirit came from both you and his mum. Even if you were present,you cannot deter death, you think you would have just enjoyed the moment together but who knows if you would have. This was the way it was to be.

His character was that of those promised Jannah. He was kind and gentle like Abu bakr, brave and courage of Ali ibn Talib (RA) As hardworking as Uthhman bin Affan. Subhanallah the bravery is an example to all. Perhaps even his physique and appearance were that of Umar bin Khattab. Fearless and a lion heart like Hamza (RA). I am proud to have known him. In contemporary language he was a " man's man. The exemplary manner in which he cared for his mum he was her everything may Allah reward him immensly and may Allah comfort her grieving heart. May Allah increase her iman and mend her heart she truly lost a remarkable son." Jannah lies at the feet of the Mother. "
I remember him as far back as when he was a child, and then again on your return in the 90's. Every time I saw him always joking in a kaftan manner with his Sharpe wit about him. I remember me aunt Amina Omar go against him in our jokes yet he would not be defeated. He always had the upper hand. He died in a beautiful way and the pain he endured was inshallah expiration of sins but don't let the fact that you were absent torment you. The only thing you would have achieved would be to share the last moment.Allah is now testing you continue to make dua knowing you truly raised an amazing human being and that there was no negligence on your part at all. He dignified and respected you both manshallah.
I am sorry as a son he was obliged to show you dedication and had you pampered him maybe he wouldn't have conducted himself in the way he did for sure his sins are forgiven. As for you as parents you wanted him to be successful and he was. I am sure Allah rewarded him. If there were any shortcomings( which I doubt) on your part may Allah forgive you and may you meet in Jannah. We parent the best way we know. I don't think he felt you didn't show him love.
This is the way we are. As children we want to please we don't expect that back. We feel we have to for fill your commands. You were fortunate to have that. I am sure he understood very well that you always had his best interest at heart trust me on that. Please continue try to execute what you can of the plans you shared (only if you can may Allah give you the strength). Allah is pleased with him b/c you are. Your job is done. He is in Jannah. Make dua for his son to be a pious,righteous son who will continue his father and grandfather 's legacy manshallah. One that will continue to make dua for his righteous father and be obdient to Allah. I hope you will see him grow, mold and shape him to be Khalifa of his dad and also share stories of of his father in the future. Mohamed will remain in our hearts forever. Ahmed make dua for us that we are able to rise to the challenges of this world so we can rest in janatal Farduusa alla. I hope.
Please Ahmed you are a great man though I never wrote back to you. I read all your posts. I share a lot of your blogs with my colleagues and the principal of our school. I constantly talk about you to all I know. Please rise to the challenge and let not guilty consume you. Mohamed would not want you to be consumed by guilt. Just like he supported you now he would not want to see his father feel guilt. Thank for sharing the burial that healed me knowing he had a beautiful departure. Continue to make dua. Thank you for life lessons. Pray that I am able to fufill obligations of my creator and that we all meet him in the best state. Ameen Ya Rab . His ending will continue to heal my pain, but the life lessons I learned are what will be my departure? What will it be like ? How will I prepare myself and my own boys for the inevitable journey that we will all take ?
Everyone will taste death Allah clearly states that let as take lessons from the Quran and Sunnah. Look at the seerah. The year of sadness for the Prophet (SAW) when hhis wife and uncle died.
Consider yourself fortunate for all these blessing and Jazkallah kheiran for sharing life lessons. I hope I benefit immensely from this. This is a lesson for all to look at our inner self and truly contemplate. Ahmed, Adeer/Abti we share your grieve. He was no ordinary son a righteous son who dignified and respected his parents in the highest regard. Of course you will mourn and reflect on the fond memories.
Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Arwo

Do not despair you are a leader continue your mission and continue to inspire, us you are a visionary and energizer. Jazkallah Kheiran.
With the dearest and deepest Dua one can offer
O Allah! Surely [Mohamed] is under Your protection, and in the rope of Your security, so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire. You fulfill promises and grant rights, so forgive him and have mercy on him. Surely You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Muna Ali Omar
May His Soul Rest In Peace
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