20 December, 2014


The Diaspora of Somaliland are united in one common objective and that is to rebuild Somaliland from the ashes. Since 1991 Somaliland has reinstated her independence gained from Great Britain on 26th June 1960. Somaliland Diaspora wants the International Community to honour their International Legal Obligation and stop shackling Somaliland to the failed state of Somalia. This is immoral and unjust. Somaliland is an Independent and African Sovereign State. Somaliland is not Somalia!!

Somaliland The Gateway to Art and Culture in Africa - (جمهورية صوماليلاند (أرض الصومال - Somaliland the Shining Sun of the Horn of Africa has operated as an Independent state for the last 21 years and has met international legal standards for “statehood”. What Somaliland lacks is formal recognition of its statehood and support possibly from Friendly States who believe in the spirit of progress for Africa. 

A Royal proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II granted independence to the British Somaliland Protectorate at midnight 25th June, 1960 – and State of Somaliland came into being on 26June. 

The International Community and their Donors have impossed an illegal boycot on Somaliland's righ to recognition 

The International Community and Donors are prolonging the suffering of the Somaliland people by shackling them to the failed and dead state called Somalia. Almost a million of Somalilanders have died and the same number became refugees with the master plan designed by the cruel dictator of Somalia called Siad Barre who used one of the most cruel genocidal tool borrowed from the likes of Hitler to systematically wipe the nation of Somaliland of the Horn of Africa. Somaliland has fought this monster and freed their nation from such horrible cruel regime with minimum assistance from the outside world.

Most Somalilanders who died in this war, were shot to death in individual or group executions, some died of hunger, torture, rape and some were burnt alive and ill-treated in the most inhumane way humanity has witnessed. 

Most Somalilanders who witnessed the terror and genocidal actions of this evil regime know better than anyone how their their brethren perished at the hands of this evil regime. 

In addition to the lost of human lives the infrastructure Somaliland was systematically destroyed beyond repair. Somaliland's schools, hospitals, libraries and technical schools were all destroyed. Somaliland was littered with thousands of land mines that were burried in most strategic cities of Somaliland where these mines are still claiming the lives of women, young children, men, elderly, pastoral nomads and animals to date. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP), 400,000-800,000 landmines were laid in Somaliland between 1988 and 1991 alone. Buildings can be rebuilt but sadly to repair the physical and psychological damage caused by this war to the people of Somaliland is beyond non Somalilander's understanding.

Over the last two decades Somaliland has rebuilt their nation slowly and the Somaliland Diaspora has played a lion's share in this nation building. Somaliland has survived over the last 20 years an illegal boycott in which the International Community has imposed on the people of Somaliland. Somaliland Diaspora sees this illegal boycott as immoral as it is totally denying 6 millions Somalilanders their basic right to recognition. Somaliland is a noble nation and will not hand out a begging bowl as they are asking for what they have a right which is recognition. Somaliland will work harder to rebuild their nation brick by brick so as to complete their journey and healing towards better future. The nation of Somaliland in times of dire needs have fallen back on their Somaliland Diaspora and loyal Friends of Somaliland who stand shoulder to shoulder with them in hard times and good times.

The following pictures were taken from Yusuf Dahir's Flickr to show some of the dark milestones that Somaliland has gone through:

Somaliland has divorced herself from the shackles of the failed state of Somalia since 1991 maitaining her sovereignty and independence. For the last 20 years Somaliland has created peace, good governance, democracy and security in a hostile region riddled with poverty, piracy and terrorism. However, the International Community has given deaf ear and turned a blind eye on Somaliland's plea for help.

Bold actions are needed from the International Community to reward Somaliland’s unique achievements with recognition which will send a loud and clear message to the emerging young generations of African Somalilanders aswell as the nation of Somaliland. The EU and the AU have witnessed human holocausts in this century in their own continents and should exercise caution when dealing with the future generations of Somaliland who are asking serious questions as to why their God given rights have been denied for the last 20 years. Somaliland Diaspora so far has been busy rebuilding their nation and they themselves are now asking serious questions as to why the International Community is turning a blind eye to Somaliland's natural righ for recognition. Somaliland will not allow her people to go through yet another holocaust especially since terrorism and security are creating global threats to the stability of the Horn of Africa. Pleas see the pictures below when Somaliland's capital where bombed by terrorists from the failed state of Somalia denying Somaliland of any kind of stability:

The time has come for the International Community to honour their International Obligation and Accountability and stop shackling Somaliland to the failed if not dead state of Somalia. Somaliland is located in a strategic location of the Horn and their partnership to maintain global security should not be underestimated. Somaliland Diaspora would like to remind the International Community that Democracy alone is not going to feed the next generation of Somaliland and if Somaliland's economy ceases to exist to create jobs and rebuild the nation then the very stability that Somaliland has maintained over the last 20 years would be in real jeopardy.

Somaliland has reinstated her independence in 1991 and will move on to work with their new found Friends of Somaliland who are supporting them in rebuilding their nation from bottom and guiding them at the same time.

What Somaliland would not tolerate is to be labelled with the failed state of Somalia. It is time Africa welcomes her young nation with open arms. Let the above pictures remind you of the dark side that Somaliland has left behind. Welcome to Somaliland and welcome to Somaliland Diaspora the New Lotus of Africa.



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