18 December, 2013

Somaliland:Government Responsiveness to Citizens on Public Service Infrastructure Development

Somaliland:Government Responsiveness to Citizens on Public Service Infrastructure Development

By Abdisamad H. Mohamed (A.Sayid)
Several factors determined economic growth and infrastructure development of nation building passing dissimilar stage including physical quantitative measures, Electricity, Building Roads, Railway, Maintenance of Roads, Airport, Irrigation and Urban Supply Water, likewise there are quite a few economic phenomena determined economic growth and capacity building of infrastructural development which are level of production, GDP (Gross Domestic Product/ Income Per Capita)
This article anticipated Somaliland government responsive to its citizen on development project and Public Service Utilization among the community resident urban sectors associated with large cities. Service delivery are the responsibility of government present their population where ever they resident remote/cities.
Recently Years, Somaliland government led by President- Silanyo and his cabinet Established An Initiative (Road Construction and Maintenance) encouraged citizens pay due to taxation for improving the infrastructure and Road Maintenance, leading Road Development Agency (RDA) and restyle new large road constructions, after the government take account to the citizen need, government had planned to adjust it annual budget assign head to road Construction and Maintenance,
Principally, government exist preserve community to develop the basic amenities including Public service delivery, enhancing Education Policies(Primary/Secondary), Primary Health and Promoting Judicial System of the country, Somaliland government persist development of some basic conveniences infrastructures including Roads Constructions, Sustainable Peace and Security related Policing and Internal Government Buildings Improvements, recently the government has renovated its Ministerial Office Compound, all those above are some responsiveness from Somaliland government to its citizens.
With broad experience of all key factors of government activities on provisional public service, Somaliland government needs to hire young professionals knowledgeable for the field of Social Science and Public Administration to develop the infrastructure facilities needed society, instant elected local councilors incompetency performance, did not  implement service to the community, I would like to appreciate central government their improvement of citizens needed of basic infrastructure including Construction and Maintenance Of Roads and improvement of  Government Employee Skills With Professionalism
As Public Sector Reform Commentator, I would like highlighting some useful information about Somaliland development of Public Institution Administration, which will cover government Agencies, Ministries, Public Independent Agencies and other Government Regulatory Bodies.
  • Government must have Comprehensive Policy of Public Civil Servant in order to measure the performance and quality of its employee in terms of service delivery and Social Improvements Activities
  • Government must consider of improving Public Financial Management(PFM) in order to develop Public Trust and transparent as well as creating banking system, this point is more emphasizing financial matter of government transaction, this promote to collect and receive all revenue source, then infrastructure will enhanced and enabled to delivery service to the society.
  • Public Mandatory Bodies (Public Sector Institutions), must have a decentralized power of administration for written Rules and Regulation of Administration (Bureaucratic Administration- This not means of hierarchy), this factor of government administration simplifies when the Administrator (DG) leave the office, the office will independently functioning.
  • Government must create and improve different public policies of administrating people’s needs, including- Primary Education Policy, Primary Health Policy, Public Servant Administration Policy, Environmental Protection Policy, Civic Education Policy and Community Policing Policy all those  different kinds of public policies will easily enable the improvement of infrastructure and service delivery to the community
  • Central government support local government in terms of financial grant(Conditional and Unconditional Grant) and technical assistance to improve service, as I hope if this possible happened in good forward management competency, the infrastructure will better and better
  • The above predetermined factor, I hope, will bring Progressive Administration of Somaliland Public Service/Infrastructural better and better stage  

By MGoth


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