08 December, 2013

Chief of Somali State satisfied with success

Chief of Somali State satisfied with success

Jigjiga, 7 December 2013 (WIC) – Chief Administrator of the Somali Regional State hailed the results attained during the past five years in the areas of peace, development and good governance.

A symposium that will review the successes and challenges encountered after the endorsement of the constitution was opened here yesterday in connection with the 8th Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day.
Chief of the Somali Regional State, Abdi Mohammed Oume, on the occasion said the Somali people, like other Ethiopians had been deprived of their democratic and  human rights during the past regimes.
Residents of the regional state had been victims of hunger and mass exodus for fear of the Derg regime in particular, he said.

However, following the collapse of the Derg regime and the prevailing federal system of government, the regional state managed to ensure the all round benefits of its people, he said.

He said benefit of the pastoral community from infrastructure development, education, health, potable water and livestock resources is increasing from time to time. The 150,000 villagized households are currently leading a better life.

Owing to the successive economic growth registered in the state, anti peace elements that had been operating in the region have been disappeared, he said. Residents of the state has now diverted their attention towards development activities  .

Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR), Abadula Gemeda, on his part said anti-popular and anti-development mentality could be defeated by ensuring the good governance and development benefits of the community.
Praising the changes registered in the regional state, Abadual urged the leaderships to ensure benefits of the residents by tackling the problems that will encounter in the future.  
The two-day symposium will be concluded today.

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