07 August, 2013

Son donates liver to dad, then dies

Son donates liver to dad, then dies


A Saudi man sacrificed his life for his ill father when he donated his liver to save his life before dying at hospital in the Kingdom.
Doctors said the condition of his father is improving.
According to Emirates 24/7, quoting an article in the Arabic language daily Alsaudeh, Mushabbab Al Qahtani, a lieutenant in the Saudi special security forces, insisted on giving his liver to his father who had faced death without a liver transplant.
Doctors at a public hospital in the capital Riyadh said Qahtani died a few days after the transplant while his father’s condition has started to improve.
“He sacrificed his life for his father and set a wonderful example of faithfulness, love and gratitude for his father,” Alsaudeh reported.
The Arabic newspaper did not specify the age of the son and father or give further details of the operation.


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