12 June, 2013

Father of Edward Snowden's girlfriend says whistleblower is 'man of conviction'

Father of Edward Snowden's girlfriend says whistleblower is 'man of conviction'
The father of the girlfriend of Edward Snowden has described the National Security Agency whistleblower as a shy and reserved man with convictions, but said he's "still shocked" by the news about him.

Lindsay Mills, left, and boyfriend Edward Snowden. Photo: LS JOURNEY.COM/AFP


3:36AM BST 12 Jun 2013

Jonathan Mills spoke outside his home in Laurel, Maryland, saying that his daughter, Lindsay Mills, was holding on amid the national controversy.

"He's always had strong convictions of right and wrong, and it kind of makes sense. But still shocked," Mr Mills said, describing his reaction to the news about Mr Snowden.

Mr Snowden has identified himself as the person who leaked details of a secret NSA surveillance program. Miss Mills, a dancer and acrobat, was identified as his girlfriend on Tuesday. She wrote on her blog that she was "lost at sea" and "adrift" after he left.

Mr Snowden had told the Guardian newspaper that he told his girlfriend that he was going away for a couple of weeks for work. He said she had no knowledge of his plans to leak the details of covert monitoring of phone calls and internet use by the US government.

Jonathan Mills said he has texted his daughter, but did not say where she is. He said she had dated Mr Snowden for four or five years.

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She is doing "as well as could be expected, and that's all I have to say," Mr Mills said.

Asked if he had a message for Mr Snowden, Jonathan Mills said, "Just wish him good luck and he's got my love."

Mr Snowden fled to Hong Kong from Hawaii in the hope of escaping criminal charges. He has since gone to ground.

His employer, Booz Allen Hamilton, said on a statement on its website that it had fired him on June 10.

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