13 June, 2013

Checking in with television adventurer Simon Reeve

Checking in with television adventurer Simon Reeve


No place like home: Blighty is best, says Simon

Your most inspiring trip? Somaliland. The people are building a democratic country in a chaotic region. Inspiring.

Where do you holiday? My wife is addicted to the Greek island of Symi, off Rhodes. It's beautiful and doesn't have an airport, so there are fewer hordes. It has one of the finest harbours in Greece.

Best things to do there? Explore remote beaches, caves and coves in a little boat with a hairdryer engine. Where do you stay? In cheap places, as I'm quite tight, or with friends who put us up.

Where are you happiest? Blighty. I always look forward to coming home.

Ideal travel companion? My wife and toddler son. I look forward to boring him with my travel tales. I want to take him around the world and show him how lucky he is.

Earliest memory? My little brother James eating sand on the beach in Bude.

Never travel without? Flapjacks. Pictures of my family and torches - they've saved my life on more than one occasion.

Recommend a holiday read? Ditch the book and get out and about. You'll have a better holiday.

Australia With Simon Reeve is on May 19, BBC2, 9pm.

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