28 May, 2013

Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor

Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor

Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor
Africa Conflict Monthly MonitorAfrica Conflict Monthly MonitorAfrica Conflict Monthly MonitorAfrica Conflict Monthly MonitorAfrica Conflict Monthly Monitor
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This subscription includes:
  • Access to the latest edition of the ACMM (April 2013) within 48 hours of subscription confirmation;
  • Access to the May 2013 edition of the ACMM, scheduled for release during the third week of May 2013;
  • Access for 1-5 users within your organisation/institution.

The Africa Conflict Monthly Monitor (ACMM), a dynamic new Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI) monthly report, provides concise, insightful and up-to-date analyses of major conflict and terrorism trends in Africa, including the major hotspots in the Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes region and the political transformations underway in North Africa.
The ACMM is the essential tool for foreign governments and businesses, as well as international NGOs with stakes in security and political stability across the African continent. The ACMM expertly synthesises past developments, current dynamics and future prognoses into an intelligible and informative conflict and terrorism synopsis.
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The essential tool for anyone with stakes in security and political stability across the African continent

Each edition of the ACMM:
  • Identifies and provides insight into latent and emerging socio-political developments with real potential for conflict and instability;
  • Assesses the impact of national, regional and global interventions to contain specific conflicts and terrorist threats in Africa;
  • Forecasts on the development of particular conflicts and the activities of major terrorist groups in the continent;
  • Contextualises the operations of terrorist groups in Africa against the global terrorist threat and prevailing national, regional and global socio-economic and political conditions; and
  • Tracks the evolution and internal dynamics of terrorist/rebel movements operating in different regions of the continent, including but not limited to AQIM in North Africa, Boko Haram in West Africa, al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa, as well as the LRA and FDLR in the Great Lakes region.

Cutting-edge analysis and forecasts, contributions fromhighly regarded guest analysts, informative and provocative interviews and various other evolving features of interest

Subscribers to the ACMM benefit from:
  • Expert analysis and key insight for informed decision-making;
  • Regular contributions from highly regarded guest analysts;
  • Informative and provocative interviews with key role-players;
  • Keeping up to date with current trends and issues relating to specific conflict situations on the continent;
  • Regular and succinct insight into the life and prospects of terrorist outfits on the continent;
  • Critical feedback on interventions deployed to manage conflicts and fight terrorism in Africa;
  • Reliable intelligence for use in early warning mechanisms to prevent the escalation of conflicts in Africa.
  • Country-by-country insight and analysis, as well as regional overviews of Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Africa.

A dynamic new report to fill the need for timely and insightful analysis of current trends and issues relating to conflict situations in Africa


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