22 April, 2013



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22 April 2013 / 12 Jamazi'l-akhir 1434
Our Prophet said, "Allahu ta'ala declares: 'O My born servant! Do the fard [1] I command; you will be the most devoted of human beings. Avoid the haram [2] which I prohibit; you will be a man of wara' [3]. Be contented with the sustenance that I give you; you will be the wealthiest of human beings; you will not need anybody."

Our Prophet said to Abu Hurayra 'radiy-Allahu anh': "Be a man of wara' so that you may be the most abid [4] (devoted) of human beings." Hadrat Hasan-i Basri [5] 'rahmatullahi aleyh' says, "Ataining wara' as much as a mote is more useful than a thousand superogatory fasts and salat." Abu Hurayra 'radiy-Allahu anh' said, "On the Day of Resurrection, those who are valuable in the presence of Allahu ta'ala are people of wara' and of zuhd [6]." Allahu ta'ala said to Hadrat Musa 'alaihis-salam': "Among those who approach Me and who attain My love, there will not be anyone who approaches as close as people of wara do."

Some great savants said, "If a person does not know the following ten things as fard for himself, he will not be a man of perfect wara': he should not backbite; he should not feel su'izan for Muslims, which means to distrust them and to think of them as bad persons; he should not make fun of anybody; he should not look at women and girls (that are forbidden for him by Islam); he should tell the truth; he should think of the gifts and blessings which Allahu ta'ala has endowed upon him so that he will not be self-conceited; he should spend his possessions on the halal [8]; he should not spend them for the haram; he should desire rank and posts not for his nafs [8] nor for his comfort, but because he knows them as positions for serving Muslims; he should know it as his firt duty to perform the five times of salat in their due time; he should learn well iman [9] and the deeds communicated by the Ahl-i sunnat [10] savants and adapt himself to them. O Allah! Increase the light of the right way which you have endowed upon us! Forgive us! You can do everything!"

[1] fard: an act or thing that is commanded by Allahu ta'ala in the Qur'an al-karim. Fard (or fard) means (any behaviour or thought or belief which is) obligatory. Islam's open commandments are called fard (pl. faraid).
[2] haram: an action, word or thought prohibited by Allahu ta'ala.
[3] wara': (after avoiding harams) abstention from doubtful things (mushtabihat).
[4] abid: one who performs much 'ibada.
[5] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.
[6] zuhd: not setting one's heart on worldly things; abstention from (even) mubahs.
[7] halal: (act, thing) permitted in Islam.
[8] nafs: a force in man which wants him to harm himself religiously; an-nafs al-ammara. A negative force within man prompting him to do evil. (Nafs-i ammara). Nafs is ammara by creation, that is, it always wishes evil and harmful deeds to be done. It is reluctant to obey the Shari'at. The nafs of a man who obeys the Shari'at and makes progress in the way of tasawwuf becomes mutmainna. It wishes to obey the Shari'at.
[9] iman: faith, belief, beliefs of Islam; kalam, i'tiqad.
[10] Ahl as-Sunna (wa'l-Jama'a): the true pious Muslims who follow as-Sahabat al-kiram. These are called Sunni Muslims. A Sunni Muslim adapts himself to one of the four Madhhabs. These madhhabs are Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali.
The basis of shukr (gratitude) is to know the giver of the blessing, to accept that with heart and to declare it with tongue.
Abdulqadir-i Gaylani "Rahmatullahi alaih"
'One should carefully choose whom to love, and share the love accordingly'

'What is important is whom you are with, not who you are.'

'Kalam-i kibar, kibar-i kalamast.'
(The words of the superiors are the superior words.)

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Dr. Ali Zeki Osmanagaoglu
Yavuz Selim Cad.No:30

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