26 February, 2013

Wadani Official Criticises Silaanyo Administration & Comment On State Of Country

Wadani Official Criticises Silaanyo Administration & Comment On State Of Country

Hargeisa-The Wadani spokesperson, Ibrahim Mahdi Bubaa blasted the beleaguered administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Silaanyo" and rebuffed comments and allegations from Kulmiye chair Muse Bihi.

Speaking to the media, Wadani spokesperson, Ibrahim Mahdi stated that the country is in dire straits, which in his opinion is worse that any period over the last two decades.

Wadani's Ibrahim Mahdi stated "the situation the country finds itself is worse than in any difficult period of President Rayale's administration, however, if you recall upon handing over power to President Silaanyo, former President Rayale reminded the incoming administration that it is inheriting a united and committed people and country, can anyone claim that today?..the country is unravelling, we see now political parties operating in Badhan and Dhahar, with only the people of Somaliland living in those place opposing these moves…We are seeing the communities fragmenting due to the policies of this administration.. We are seeing the President and his Vice-President requiring mediation from the House of Elders, so much for the promise of 2010!"..

In further comments to the media,Wadani's Ibrahim Mahdi stated " the current dire situation of the youth in country; unemployment, dangerous migration, disaffection which could lead them to unsavoury organisations, require new thinking, a new focus and a new way to engaging the future of our country, but this administration is out of steam and its officials are occupied with just making money, and doing everything for themselves and nothing for those in need in the country"

In conclusion, Wadani's Ibrahim Mead refuted allegations from Kulmiye chair Muse Bihi and former Finance minister Mohamed Hashi by stating that "Wadani is a national party, it is a large umbrella in which all the Somaliland communities are represented. We have no ties with the leadership in Somalia as alleged by Muse Bihi. In response to Mohamed Hashi's comments, we offer fresh ideas and a fresh focus on the pressing needs of Somaliland and we intend to make a change and bring hope. This administration has not only blunted our Foreign policy, it has decimated out Internal policy as well, and as we now see, its beginning to devour itself, with everyone running for the President's office..Somaliland deserves better, and we are confident Wadani will be the solution to Somaliland ills".

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