18 February, 2013

BNP criticise Churches for supporting Oswestry Islamic Centre bid

BNP criticise Churches for supporting Oswestry Islamic Centre bid

The Oswestry and Border Counties Advertiser follows its report last week, on the planning approval granted by the local council to the Oswestry Muslim Society for converting a 19th century Presbyterian church into an Islamic centre

with news of the BNP's criticism of local churches for supporting the plans.

Phil Reddall, who stood as the BNP's parliamentary candidate in the 2010 general election, told the local the paper:

"Churches Together are creating a monster by giving their backing to the scheme and this is another example of the political establishment appeasing the Muslim community despite disenfranchising our own community at the same time."

Reddall added that the BNP intends to "step up its leafleting campaign in the run up to May's local elections" saying that support for the party "has grown in Oswestry more than any other North Shropshire town since 2009."

He said:

"In 2009 a BNP candidate stood in College Ward and received 15 per cent of the vote. This is an issue we can run with again and a surprising amount of people agree with us when we speak to them."

Local elections are to be held in parts of England on Thursday 2nd May. Details of councils where seats will be contested are available on the Electoral Commission website, here.

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