21 September, 2012

Dear Faysal you cannot fool Jamaal and all the people all the time By Mohamed Omar

Dear Faysal you cannot fool Jamaal and all the people all the time By Mohamed Omar

Faysal Cali Warabe,the colourful leader of UCID have been long known for his constant flip flopping and shady deal making. Among other things, he once said that foreign passport holders should not run in Somaliland presidential elections and that for that purpose he cancelled his Finnish citizenship. Plain lies. He then said that if he loses the 2010 election, we would not run again and that we would forfeit UCID leadership. Plain lies as Cirro and co could not snatch the chairmanship for him as was agreed upon.

Witnessing his party demise and Waddani enjoying a healthy momentum, Faysal Cali Warabe took about another trick to keep his presidential hopes afloat. He courted aggressively Muj Hassan Ciise Jaamac and offered him to be UCID interim chairman until a party convention is called in late 2012. The plot was clear, Faysal hoped that enticing the former Somaliland vice president would help UCID keep his party status and that his UCID cronies would help steer the convention his way. But unfortunately for Faysal, Muj Xasan Ciise was too smart this petty manoeuvring.

Incapable on facing the electorate on his own, Faysal tried his old trick on Jamaal who seemingly fell into the trap. It was widely understood that following the late July deal between UCID and Jamaal, Faysal had effectively forfeited his party candidacy for the next round presidential election. However, this common assumption was shattered by a bone chilling Faysal interview with Geeska Afrika where the UCID leader stated that his party did not nominate anybody for the next presidential election. It is now clear that Faysal is taking Jamaal for a ride. That he is using his finances. That he is using Jamaal appeal with the youth. That he is using Jamaal effectiveness on the campaign trail. That he is using Jamaal clan and family base UCID fund raising drive. It is now clear that Faysal intends to convene a convention if UCID retains its party status and then run against Jamaal for a third crack at the presidential poll

Mohamed Omar


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