17 June, 2012

Crown Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Biography

Crown Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Biography

Riyadh: Crown Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior (May Allah bless his soul) was born in the city of Taif in 1353AH, corresponding to 1934 and he was grown up by his father, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud.

He has been taught by a group of senior scholars of religion, literature, poetry, political science, diplomacy and administration.

He has assumed many posts and missions as follows:

- Crown Prince, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior 29-11-1432AH, corresponding to October 27, 2011.

- Second Deputy Premier, 30 Rabi I, 1430AH corresponding to March 27, 2009.

- Minister of Interior 1395 AH / 1975 AD.

- Minister of State for Internal Affairs, 1394 AH / 1975 AD.

- Deputy Interior Minister with a rank of minister, 1394 AH / 1974.

- Deputy Interior Minister in 1390AH / 1970.

- Governor of Riyadh Region in 1372- 1374 AH / 1953 AD 1954.

- Undersecretary of Riyadh Region 1371- 1372 AH / 1951 – 1952.

Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz has chaired a number of committees and councils and he has been a member of a number of other councils and committees including the following:

- Chairman of Board of Directors of Human Development Fund in 1421AH.

- Honorary President of Saudi Association for Information and Communication in 1421AH.

- Honorary President of Saudi Charity for Saudi Families Abroad.

- General Supervisor of humanitarian and relief committees and campaigns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Chairman of the Committee of the Statute of the systems of government, Majlis Al-Shura, and regions in 1412AH, corresponding to 1992.

- Chairman of the manpower council in 1411AH.

- Supervisor of Commission of Investigation and Public Prosecution in 1409AH.

- Honorary President of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers in 1404 .

Crown Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz is the Honorary President of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, which has approved many security agreements and projects to serve Arab human security including the following:

- Arab security strategy in Baghdad in 1404 AH / 1984 AD.

- Arab preventive security plan in Tunisia in 1405AH/1985.

- Arab Counter-Terrorism Convention , signed by Arab Ministers of Interior and Justice in 1998.

- A Draft Arab strategy for combating illegal use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

- Chairman of the Higher Information Council in 1401AH.

- Chairman of the Supreme Commission for Industrial Security in 1397AH.

- Chairman of Board of Directors of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in 1397AH.

- Chairman of the Council of Governors of Regions in 1395AH.

- Chairman of the Supreme Council of Civil Defense in 1387AH.

- Chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee in 1385AH.

- Member of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs.

- Vice-President of the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development.

- Chairman of the Supreme Council for Tourism.

Crown Prince Naif’s vision on the development of sectors of the Ministry of the Interior focuses on the following:

- Development of human resources through education and training.

- Modern management and modernization of systems.

- Attention to infrastructures.

-Technical development and modernization.

Crown Prince Naif’s efforts have resulted in comprehensive development of security sectors including General Directorate of Civil Defence; Directorate General of the Border Guard; Directorate General of Public Security; General Directorate of Intelligence; Directorate General of Prisons; Special Security Forces; Directorate General of Passports; security forces installations; Directorate General for Drug Control.

Crown Prince Naif has paid attention to security files and worked for their development as a partnership between citizens and the security institutions including:

First: tackling intellectual issues of extremism and terrorism:

- Establishment of Intellectual Security Directorate of Ministry of Interior in 1427AH/2007.

- Establishment and finance of Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Chair for Intellectual Security Studies at King Saud University in 1428/2008.

- Finance of Prince Naif Chair for National Unity Studies at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1429AH/2009.

- Encouragement and support for dozens of studies and research on the phenomenon of extremism.

- The formation of a working group of university professors to develop strategic plans for Arab intellectual security.

Second: drugs control:

- The establishment of Directorate General of Drugs Control.

- The establishment of National Committee for Drug Control in 1428AH.

Prince Naif has signed a number of bilateral , regional and international agreements to combat the phenomenon of drugs and its scourge.

Prince Naif has supervised committees and campaigns for relief and humanitarian works at regional and international arenas.

In the area of ??the service to science and knowledge, Prince Naif exerted many efforts, including:

1- Naif Arab University for Security Studies:

Prince Naif chaired the Board of Directors of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), which took up the task of development of security and judicial expertise and provision of programs and international conferences benefiting Arab countries. It grants diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees.

2- Prophet’s Sunnah Award:

An International award dedicated to supporting researchers and scholars in the fields of Sunnah and its sciences.

3- Prince Naif bin Abdul-Aziz contest for Memorization of Hadith:

A contest for memorization of Hadith in 2006.

4- Establishment of Scientific Chairs locally and internationally:

Prince Naif Chair for national unity – Prince Naif Chair for Intellectual Security – Prince Naif Chair of moral values.

5- scholarships:

A number of students receiving higher education inside the Kingdom and abroad with scientific grants from him in different disciplines.

6- Support for public and scientific associations:

Prince Naif supported the activities of several scientific and public institutions including (National Association of Retired Persons, the Saudi Charity for Saudi Families Abroad ‘bonds’ and the Saudi Society for communication and media).

7- Scientific Departments:

Establishment of the Islamic Studies Department at the University of Moscow 1416 AH / 1995 AD.

Crown Prince Naif patronized many awards, conferences and scientific and national events, including:

- Prophet’s Sunnah Award and memorization of Hadith.

- Prince Naif Award for Saudization.

- 2nd Conference and Exhibition of Occupational Health and Safety organized by the General Organization for Social Insurance.

- Second Symposium on reform and rehabilitation at correctional institutions under the banner (the prisoner and the community).

- Annual Media Forum of the Saudi Society for communication and Media.

- International Forum of community partnership in the field of scientific research.

- Annual Symposium (Security is everyone’s responsibility).

- Annual Symposium (Society and Security).

- Conference on Saudi families and the changes of today.

- First National Conference on Intellectual Security – King Saud University.

- Dawa Studies forum and Sunnah translation seminar.

- 19the National Congress on computer at King Saud University entitled the digital economy and information technology industry.

- Second Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers.

- First Conference of the Division of Industrial Engineering at the Saudi Council of Engineers.

- Conference of (safety and health of the pilgrims).

- First International Conference on Tourism and Handicrafts.

- Conference on Human Rights in Peace and War.

- Second Arab Conference of Heads of Public Prosecutions.

- Seventh Conference of Heads of Arab media and the joint meeting with the Arab media.

Crown Prince Naif held numerous honors and got a lot of certificates, including:

- Cloud Medal from the Republic of China in 1397 AH / 1977 AD.

- Legion of Honor Medal from the Republic of France in 1397 AH / 1977 AD.

- The Order of the Great Liberator from the Republic of Venezuela in 1397 AH / 1977 AD.

- The Star Decoration from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1397 AH / 1977 AD.

- Honorary Doctorate in Law from Chung Cheng University in Taiwan in 17/8/1399 AH / 1979 AD.

- King Abdul Aziz Sash (medal) of the first rank, the highest honor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- The national security medal from the Republic of South Korea in 1400/1980.

- Honorary Doctorate of Law from South Korea.

- An honorary doctorate degree in political science from the Lebanese University in 1430 H./2009 G., at the conclusion of the 26th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Interior in Beirut.

- An honorary doctorate degree from the University of Umm Al-Qura in Islamic politics.

- Order of the Cedar from Lebanon 1430 AH / 2009 AD.

- Honorary Doctorate from the University of Rabat in the Republic of Sudan.

May Allah bestow mercy on Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz and grant him Paradise.


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