12 April, 2012

Somaliland: Uganda Invites Basketballers

Somaliland: Uganda Invites Basketballers

National basketball players training at Timaade grounds for the Uganda TournamentBy: Abdikarim Abdisalam

Edited by: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA - The national basketball team of Somaliland is to participate in an international tournament in Uganda.

The national basketball team players who are heavily training for the east and central Africa inter-cities basketball trophy competitions to be held in Uganda mid-April say that they will bring the trophy back to the country as they are in the best of shape.

In an exclusive interview with Horn Newspaper the chairman of the Somaliland basketball Federation Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Abdilahi "Qodah" Said "as basketball committee we thank the Uganda Basketball federation the tournament hosts for accepting our our request to participate in the regional games".

And as far as basketball is concerned this will not be the first time Somaliland to be seen in the outside world for an international completion, however,

the national team which is heavily preparing for this competition will participate as Somaliland as Mr. mohamoud urges " yes will shall participate the games as Somaliland, it was in our request to represent our country as Somaliland and not as Somalia, therefore we were allowed for that".

The team plus two Doctors and two referees will depart from Somaliland to Uganda on a scheduled date.

The players who have been training twice a day said that they are confident of a superb performance in Uganda and nothing short of the inter-cities trophy will satisfy them.

"as players we are well prepared to participate East and Central Africa inter-cities basketball competition in Kampala, as far as our national basketball team is concerned, this is not our first time participate an international competitions, we were in Djibouti and Ethiopia for such competitions, we also have some players who have international experience after playing in foreign leagues".said team captain Mr. Mahmoud Abdirahman Hassan (Kuto),

Therefore, the statements of the captain seemed to be much confident of participation and success in the competitions.

Mr. Ahmed (Baado) one of the two referees from Somaliland who will travel with the team urged "We have faith and great hope for our team to perform their ultimate best thus a prestige to our country".

Mr.Ahmed added "I was a referee in the last regional competitions held in Burao, and I tell you basketball skills have improved much in our country indeed".

It's not yet known whether the team will be escorted by some government officers which airport Hargeisa or Berbera international airport, the team will depart from.

Source: Hornnewspaper.com


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