05 April, 2012

All Somalilanders will benefit if we discover oil by Prime Resources Limited

All Somalilanders will benefit if we discover oil by Prime Resources Limited
Written by PETROSOM   
Apr 04, 2012 at 10:22 AM


Press Release

Prime Resources and its affiliate company, Petrosoma is pleased to announce a joint venture between Petrosoma and Jacka Resources, an Australian oil exploration company quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange.

To facilitate the joint venture, Prime assigned it rights in the production sharing agreement with the government of Somaliland for the oil  block formally known as Block 26, to Petrosoma and the joint venture holders will each hold a 50% share in the block.

As part of its legal obligation to disclose price sensitive information, within 48hours, Jacka issued an announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange yesterday regarding the transaction. Although the Jacka announcement referred to the block using a historical reference, the block is formally known as block SL6 and parts of SL7 and SL10.

Mohammed Yusuf Ali,  Chairman & CEO of both Prime and Petrosoma, said,“this is a great day for all Somalilander. We are delighted to be in business with Scott Spencer and Justyn Wood of Jacka Resources. These two gentlemen were key figures in the multi- billion barrel Ugandan discovery in Lake Albert and they are very excited about the potential of the joint venture block in Somaliland.” Mohammed Yusuf Ali added “all Somalilanders will benefit if we discover oil in this block”


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