08 March, 2015

Saudi Gazette | Fake Saudization harms the reputation of Saudi youth

Fake Saudization harms the reputation of Saudi youth
Sat, 07 Mar 2015 12:35:25 AST
Saudi Gazette |

Maysoon Abu Bakur
Al Jazeera

Several companies recently began employing Saudis for the purpose of meeting Saudization requirements.

They pay the employees monthly salaries without asking them to report to work or to do anything else.

The reason for this is to ensure that the companies remain in the green zone as far as the Nitaqat Saudization program is concerned.

Unfortunately, many Saudis take these jobs knowing full well that their actions are in violation of the law and that they are undermining the goal of creating jobs for Saudis to allow them to serve their country.

Instilling the concept of citizenship in the minds of our young Saudi men and women as well as in the minds of the owners of companies will definitely reinforce a sense of responsibility and respect for the Kingdom's laws, and ensure they do not circumvent the law.

Giving a fake job to a Saudi in the name of Saudization will make him lazy and negligent; he will also have a lot more free time and will most likely not know what to do with it.

Eventually, the benefit and objective of the Saudization program will not be realized and these Saudis will not become effective and efficient members of society.

The way companies take advantage of Saudis who are willing to accept fake jobs is wrong and harms the reputation of Saudi youth in general.

It also perpetuates a negative image about Saudi youth and depicts them as individuals who do not respect time and like to sit at fancy desks doing nothing.

This image does not do justice to our young people who are creative and hardworking. Choosing the right person for the right position is important for development.

We have to use a system that rewards employees who work hard and holds to account those who do not.

If government employees were to realize that their contracts are not permanent and that they might be terminated if they make mistakes, then they would work hard and be punctual. The same should apply to private sector employees.

A work environment should attract employees and encourage them to compete with one another.

A head of department should treat employees well and make them feel at ease so that they can be productive.

Young men and women who appreciate the values of citizenship will work for the greater interest of their country.

Fake Saudization should not be promoted and should end. As citizens, we should take note of the words of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman who has urged all citizens to report the negligence and failure of any official who does not fulfill his duties properly.

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