30 January, 2015

Royal magnanimity: bonuses and other incentives announced

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman


Royal magnanimity: bonuses and other incentives announced

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Generous bonuses and payouts will be given out to Saudi government employees, government scholars, retirees and other citizens under a package approved on Thursday by newly enthroned King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
The King ordered the payment of two basic salaries to all Saudi state employees, including civilians and military officers, and two-month stipend to all government students inside and outside the Kingdom, and two-month pension for Saudi retirees.
By issuing 37 royal decrees, he also announced two-month remuneration for social insurance beneficiaries, two-month assistance to the handicapped, and SR2 billion for charities registered with the Social Affairs Ministry.

Cooperative Societies Council will get SR200 million while SR10 million aid was granted to professional societies. Literary clubs will get SR10 million each while excellent sports clubs SR10 million each, first class sports clubs SR5 million each and other sports clubs SR2 million each.
King Salman ordered additional payment of SR20 billion to support electricity and water services, including SR14 billion to provide electricity connections and SR6 billion for water connections.
King Salman also ordered to set free all prisoners of public rights, writing off their debts and fines up to SR500,000. “All non-Saudi prisoners will be deported after release and will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom,” one royal decree issued by the king said. Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif has been authorized to set out the conditions for releasing public right prisoners.
Late Thursday night, King Salman tweeted: “Dear citizens: You deserve more. Whatever I do is not enough. I ask God to help me extend my full service to the religion and the nation. Do not forget to include me in your prayers.”

Saudis all over the Kingdom were overjoyed with the king’s decision to pay two-month salary bonus. They have also welcomed the king’s new appointments and decisions, saying it would strengthen the government.

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