05 December, 2014

Netanyahu tells the West to be quiet over 'Jewish nation-state' bill, like the Arabs

Benjamin Netanyahu
e photo of Benjamin  TV Channel 10's Rafif Drowkir has said that the behaviour of Arab regimes is one of the things that encouraged Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling coalition to adopt a radical political stance. The most recent manifestation of this is the rush to get the Jewish nation-state bill onto the statute books.

Commenting on Friday evening about the communications taking place over the bill, Drowkir said that Netanyahu believes that an amicable regional environment empowers him to proceed with it without international opposition.
Drowkir explained that Netanyahu's representatives are speaking to representatives of European states to persuade them not to object to the bill. He pointed out that Israel will draw Europe's attention to the fact that it would make no sense for the EU states to express reservations about such a law while the Arab states "are simply not bothered".
This theme has also been taken up by a prominent Israeli thinker, who has affirmed his belief that most of the Arab rulers did, in fact, support Israel in its recent war against the Gaza Strip. According to Yoram Ettinger, the Director of the Tel Aviv-based Strategic Thinking Centre, Operation Protective Edge against Gaza was also the war of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Arab countries. He noted that the Arab rulers chose to stand against the Palestinian people as represented by Hamas.
In an article published in Israel Today newspaper, which is quite close politically to Netanyahu's office, Ettinger stressed that the Arab leaders consider the mass destruction brought upon Gaza by the Israelis to be "a significant contribution to bolstering their regimes and guaranteeing stability within the region". It is only natural, he believes, for the Arab regimes to be aligned with Israel against Hamas at a time when they have designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organisation". Hamas is an offshoot of the Islamic movement.
The official Arab stance will progress towards more compatibility with Israel's position up to the level of publicly rejecting the Palestinian state, claims Ettinger, because this would be the position that truly expresses the best interests of the Arab regimes. He used his article to highlight the significant role played by the mass media owned by the Egyptian and Saudi regimes in stirring up hostility towards the Palestinian resistance. He named Al-Arabiyahsatellite channel in particular.
In his view, Israel's war against the Muslim Brotherhood as represented by Hamas is a Western war because the movement threatens Western allies in the region. He chastised governments in the West, especially Washington, because they do not support Israel in its war against the Islamic movements as much as the Arab regimes do. Ettinger stressed that the role Israel is playing places it in pole position in defending the interests of the United States and the West.
By way of drawing attention to the sizeable contribution Israel and the Arab regimes make in defending the interests of the West, he claimed that the principal aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is to establish the Caliphate on the ruins of Western civilisation. Ettinger stressed that it was Israel and the Arab regimes who obstruct the creation of the Caliphate. The slogan of the Brotherhood, he reminded the West, is: "God is our objective; the Qur'an is our constitution; the Messenger is our leader; Jihad is our means; and dying in the Way of Allah is our most sublime wish."

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