30 November, 2014



Tribute to my dear husband. Today marks two weeks since the death of my dear husband Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Arwo . It was on this same day that I got the shocking news of my husband's death. It drove my heart crazy and made my body almost to collapse. My feet could barely carry me at the very first instance of the news. I couldn't imagine that one day I would have to live without him in this ruthless life. Life suddenly became dark, as he used to enlighten my path and soul. My heart beated with his love. In deed, he was the light of my eyes and the balm of my wounds. He used to tell me:"you and I are ONE". If he felt pain, I used to feel pain, if he smiled I used to smile, if he got angry I used to get angry, if he got sick I used to get sick. In short he was all my life. I spent with him the two most beautiful years of my life and no matter how much I write or describe no words or poems can express what I am feeling. My hand is unable to write, my thoughts are scattered, my heart is still deeply sad and my eyes are weeping. Nevertheless, what can we do? We are all leaving this life going to the hereafter.

If my husband didn't die on that day, he would have died one day. However, it is us who are unmindful of the inevitable death. We think that old people die but not a young man who has a long life to live. But today I came the certitude that our life is worthless. It doesn't deserve to cry over it because it has no pity for anyone nor any consideration. So why cry and feel sad? As for my husband, I don't need to worry about him, as he left this life and its agonies and burdens. He went to a place where he is relieved; it is his home where he would hopefully meet the loved ones who proceeded him. They would feel happy to see him; they wish we will all meet there and see Jannah together. Oh! Allah I beg of you to gather us all in Jannatul Firdows along with our beloved Rasuul and make us drink from his well a sip after which we will never get thirsty again.

My husband Mohammed had great qualities which were rare to find them gathered in the personality of a young man of his age. A man with the true sense of manhood, generous, obedient to his parents. He loved his family and was in constant contact with them. He helped people and relieved their burdens, loved giving charity and spent it on the needy. He was a freind in need, the moment you need him you will find him beside you, loyal, perfectionist, in fond of good deeds, steadfast in his prayers, an absolutely good example.
If you ask him a favour, he will never turn you down. A very loving father, caring for his only son, as well as a great husband. He never uttered a word to embarrass me or offend my feelings. On the contrary, his words were sweet like honey, but even sweeter.

. I always thank Allah to have bestowed me with such a husband. He was such a person that you will regret not to know him. I pray Allah for him every night to forgive his sins and have mercy on upon him and to make his grave a garden of the gardens of Jannah.,Sheikh Aidh Al Qarni said: we can't change the past nor can we paint our future, so why do we kill ourselves with sorrow about things we can't change? Life is short and its goals are many so look up to the clouds in the sky, not to the ground. If life gets tightly narrowed, lean on to Allah and say ALHAMDULILAAH. We are not the real dwellers of this planet of Earth, we belong to the Hereafter.

We came to this earth for a temporary stay to fulfil a short test and go back quickly. So try to do what you can in order to catch the convoy of the righteous that is going back to our wide and beautiful land and don't waist you time in this small planet. Farewell is not to part one another, even death is not farewell, because we will all gather in the Hereafter. But the real separation is one of us in Jannah and the other in the Hellfire (may Allah protect us). Therefore life is a short story from Dust, over Dust and back to Dust and then the Reckoning day either reward or punishment.

You were kind to us, loyal to Allah and to your parents, and Allah will reward you with his mercy. My du'as to you for ever. 

Your Love

Fathiya Noor

From Noura Ibrahim:

Dear sister, Mohamed was loved by everyone because he was incredible cousin that could not be replaced as you said but we could learn from the way he lived his life. His quality could not be described in words. He had a positive attitude and was a man who never complained of difficult situations and most importantly never troubled anyone in fact he always assisted and supported others. Mohamed always said alhamdulilah to every situation even when he was unwell. He always thought of others because he was a protector and never wanted his family and loved ones to worry. He was a role model and he will be always remembered for the good deeds he did for his family, friends and others. Be proud because your beloved husband loved you so much, he was a amazing husband, amazing father, amazing causin and amazing human being that anyone could wish for. Most importantly Mohamed was 'Baari' to his mum and dad. He has left a positive impact to all of us particularly you walaal. Just know that his memory would always be with us. May Allah Grant him Jennatal faruudsa amiin. XxxNovember 28, 2014 at 10:05 AM 


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  • Ahmed H Arwo Alle ha u naxariisto inankeyga Maxamed waxuu ahaa baari Alle iyo waalidkii adeecay. Alle qabriga ha u nuuro, ha u waasiciyo, hana oga dhigo guri ka mid ah jannatul fardaws. May Allah bless his soul and make his grave a garden of Fardaws the highest of all paradises.
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