05 June, 2014

Hargeisa: Call By Ishaaq Arre Clan On Oil Exploration At Odewayne Block.

Hargeisa: Call By Ishaaq Arre Clan On Oil Exploration At Odewayne Block.

Arre press release

Ishaaq clan traditional leaders and the elite met today in Hargeisa to discuss the issue of oil exploration in Odewayne Oil Block formerly known as Block 26 or Habar Garhejis Block which includes Sabawanaag district inhabited by the Ishaaq Arre clan.

The issue has been raised after the emergence of ownership dispute between the two companies – Petrasoma Ltd and Minsom Assetts Ltd. Both companies claim shares to the block .

As a result , the clan elders and the elite have agreed upon and issued the following call :

1) To support the call by the Diaspora community Ishaaq Arre clan that has been published recently on the press which clearly stated that the part of Odweyne block that transects Sabawanaag district cannot be sold without consulting all the elders, community leaders and the elite and without the consent of the inhabitants of Sabawanaag district of Somaliland.

2) That the companies that are currently in dispute over the Odweynane block area are not responsible on behalf of the local community of Sabawanaag and that these two companies cannot sell or lease any of this land without the consent and the prior knowledge of the inhabitants and the locals of Sabawanaag district .

3) That the elders and the elite of Ishaaq clan agreed to organise a widely represented meeting to be participated by all Ishaaq Arre clan leaders to discuss the oil exploration issue in the district , putting into consideration the security and peace in the country .

Names of the clan leaders and elite that have issued this call :

Sultan Mahad Mohamed Hersi (Caraj)

Chief Aqil Abdi Farah Yusuf

Aqil Ahmed Abdi Jama (Ilka Biciidle)

Aqil Ibrahim Abdi Aw Cabdalle

Aqil Said Aqil Muse Hersi

Aqil Ahmed Warsame Buraale

Chief Mahmoud Hussein Said Aqil

Chief Adan Mohamed Yusuf (Caaqil’yare)

Chief Mahmoud Sharaf

Professional Hussein Omar Suleiman

Egal scholar Adan Haybe

Professional Abdi Saxariid

Professional Sh.Siciid Aw Khadar Nuur

Professional Ismail Mohammed

Professional Nasir Hassan Jama

Professional Omar Mohamed Hersi

Sheik. Mohamed Aw C / lahi Cali

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