13 January, 2014

Riyadh records half-a-million traffic offenses in 2 months

Riyadh records half-a-million traffic offenses in 2 months



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Some 505,173 traffic violations were recorded in Riyadh in the past two months, local media reported quoting monthly data released by the Riyadh Traffic Department.
The traffic offenses included inter-city over-speeding (72,483 cases), unauthorized turns (11,104), driving without license (19,588), absence of car registration documents (26,149), traffic reversing (11,757), breaking traffic signals (38,066), unidentifiable registration plates (33,093), and erroneous overtaking (17,503).
Other violations recorded included, not fastening safety belts (71,000), irregular parking (45,398), drifting (136), window tinting (37,045), unauthorized transport of passengers (4,997), and use of mobile phones while driving (28,305), the report stated.
Meanwhile, Col. Ali Al-Dibaikhi, director of Riyadh Traffic Police, has directed all the field and secret traffic squads to register offenses related to fastening safety belts and use of mobile phones while driving.
In a related development, the Eastern Province Traffic Department recorded 19,000 offenses and 35 drifting cases in the first week of mid-term exams in the province, according to Col. Ali Al-Zahrani, spokesman for the Traffic Police Department.
He said the traffic violators were released on bail and will be referred to the concerned penal courts as soon as exams are over.
Violations of the week-long campaigns varied between breaking traffic signals, not fastening the safety belt, using mobile phones, and erroneous parking, Al-Zahrani pointed out.


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