23 July, 2013

The unwarranted management of Somaliland Political Parties Registration Commission

The unwarranted management of Somaliland Political Parties Registration Commission

There are standard benchmarks to adapt to every purpose of obligation and criteria procedure of nominating international standardThere are standard benchmarks to adapt to every purpose of obligation and criteria procedure of nominating international standard members of registration commission. The universal practice adapted and known through worldwide is that, this nature of commission to be nominated from experienced independent judges of good reputation and character in order conducting a fair election screening procedure and to avid to any deceptive practices. 

However, in the case of Somaliland this course of process, which generates the trust of every party is not true. Additionally they were inexperienced and incompetent personalities, which the chances of accomplishing their tasked responsibilities in accordance with acceptable and balanced process were very much on suspicion in view of the qualities mentioned above. 

As expected, they have administered the election screening process unprofessionally, which had created misunderstanding, confusion and mistrust among the contend parties. As everyone aware, they have short only seven parties and disqualified several parties without make known the reasons of their disqualification. Apart of the above, the screening process, which they were proposed originally was not very much easy to be confirmed. 

This poor management process has developed acquisitions from the parties, which they listed as drop-downs. Furthermore, their poor management process has resulted instability in the country, as many political parties threatened conducting demonstrations, which if it could happened may have resulted causalities among innocent citizens. Ultimately, they were compiled stating their justifications for drop-down political parties after various protests, which were not trusted by the concerned parties after declaring compulsorily. 

Referring a recent political statement released by them direct to UCID party, this type of provocation acts is an evidence, testimony, verification confirmation, attestation, substantiation and authentication of their ignorance, lack of knowledge and unprofessional ism. Their announcement is against any logic, commonsensical, judgment and far from neutrality. 

How can outsider request from a party to revolt and make a coup against their chairman. Taken this into account in reality, they are a potential risk on the stability and solidarity of the country. 

In the view of the above realism, the government should dissolve them immediately in an effort saving the country from further damage and additional conflicts between the societies, which the signs of flares have already switched on. There is no fire without flame. In the event they remain in services, then we consider that, the Somaliland government is direct or indirect sponsor for their disgraceful, discreditable reprehensible deeds. 

By evaluating their lack of knowledge, lack of experience, unethical and unprincipled, the days in which they will articulate publicly “ Dismiss party chairmen” is not far away; if not an instant solution will be taken by the government. 

In addition of the above, the image of Somaliland in the international community has effectively negatively. One should note that, the present world is just a global village and every awful information from any tiny part of the world is noticed through the entire globe within no time. Therefore, let us act to avoid and reach to an uncontrollable situation. Late is better than never. 

Apart of the information provided in the above, Somaliland is poor country with very limited resources and therefore, we do not need in a reality two commissions, one for registration purpose only and the other one for election process. We could amalgamate their duties into a single body in an effort of cost savings, which is considered as valuable to all society. This is method practised throughout the world in places with limited resources, which is in the case of Somaliland. 

The resources allocated for the National Political Parties Registration and Verification Committee can be pay out to another rationale and helpful purpose than their services, which as mentioned above can be obtained free of charge from already an existing body (the national election commission). 

Ismail lugweyne.


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