22 May, 2013

Somalia: Parliamentarians Withdraw From the Proposed Motion Against PM

Mogadishu- — a motion against the prime minister of the federal republic of Somalia and his cabinet was recently proposed by some parliamentarians but a large number of them made a u- turn and withdrew their support.

Mrs. Amina Mohamed Mursal who held a ministerial position in the transitional federal government said that the Mps aimed at interrupting with the cabinets' good work over the past 6 months.

Mrs. Amina added that this was not the right time for Mps to show their opposition against a young and willing cabinet.

"This cabinet successfully restored international relations with the international community and have shown great and promising developments" said the former minister.

Hassan Keynaan who is one of the parliamentarians who changed their mind over the motion said that it was the duty of parliamentarians to control and watch over the cabinet but the current problem can be solved by summoning the ministries individually and stop the generalization.

"If you have problems against some ministries the parliament can summon them one by one and sort out the problems but destroying what we have been working for the past 6 months is a big mistake" said the Mp.

Another politician by the name Mohamed Yarow addressing Shabelle radio in Mogadishu said that the current proposers of the motion can be termed as "a catalyst" towards development and a constitutional ruling can be taken to stop them.

A large number of Mps turned out at a meeting held in parliament building in Mogadishu expressing their support towards the prime minister and his cabinet.

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