21 May, 2013

How Mr. Hassan of Mogahishu dared to demean and demagogue Somaliland?

How Mr. Hassan of Mogahishu dared to demean and demagogue Somaliland? 
By Ibrahim Mead

What the President of Mogadishu's arrogant and idiotic speech did to the feelings of the people of Somaliland on the occasion of the commemoration of May 18th 1991 was not only offensive and a denial of the crimes committed by the Mogadidhu regime of Mr. Barre in which he is the inheritor, it was and insult to injury, it was an attack against Somaliland and what Somaliland stands for

Somaliland is honor bound and had a history of respecting others but she never takes lightly to be offended from any one. She furiously defends her dignity, justice and her rights with what ever this may cost her in blood and treasure Defeating Siyad Barre's genocidal regime and the supporters of that demonic enterprise was the latest historic event and a lesson to learn.

What made that possible for Somaliland was two things and only two things, and those two things were UNITY of her people and the TRUST OF ALLAH. Now Somaliland lost the one plus one! She lost both! (Mr. Siilanyo's administration is accountable on that) That is why the president of Mogadishu, foolishly but deliberately disrespected, demagogued and demeaned the two most sensitive aspects in the Somaliland blood. Those are:

a) Denial of the genocide against the Somaliland people.

b) Denial of the ransacking and robbery of the treasure of the people of Somaliland

c) Denial of Somaliland's right of self determination, to reinstitute her (lost) 1960 government in her internationally marked territory.

Let it be clear to the president of Mogadishu and to any one else for this matter that No one has the right to deny Somaliland's rights. It is the rightful determination of the people of Somaliland who survived from Mogadishu's genocide, to reinstitute their1960 government

Why at this time the unelected, foreign established President of Mogadishu, dared to demean and disrespect the rights of the survivors of Somalia's genocidal regime of Siyad Barre in Mogadihu!? The answer is simple:

1) It is because of the failed foreign policy of Somaliland government who put her self with Mr. Hassan and likes in a cage forgetting the history

2) Somaliland administration's double talk and wavering tactics with no focus on the ball

3) The ineptness of the government of Somaliland in its core.

It is a collective understanding that Siilanyo's administration which had no vision for Somaliland has divided the people and the country and that encouraged the Mogadishu entity to claim Somaliland in the most disrespect way imaginable
When your enemy senses and sees that Somaliland it self is demeaning those who found and founded the 2nd Republic of Somaliland, then Somaliland cleared for the enemy to demagogue her, to demean her, disrespect her and deny her rights as President Hassan of Mogadishu did on the same day Somaliland was commemorating and remembering 18th may 1991, the independence of the Republic of Somaliland.

What deserves to point out is that no government official responded to Mr. Hassan of Mogadishu's naked attach against the people of Somaliland as of this writing.

The power of unity is known to all of us. But we often seem to forget it.

We still remember the story from our childhood, where an old man was worried about his sons who were always quarreling among themselves. In order to teach them a lesson he ask them to break a bundle of sticks tied together. Obviously none of them could. And when the bundle was untied they were able to break each stick easily enough.
Antoine de Saint said," Only from the alliance of the one working with and through the other, are great things born" that emphasizes the power of unity especially when you put your trust in Allah and with the unity of your people, the thing and the only thing that leads the honest leader to the right path.

Does any one think that it is possible to achieve great things without unity? I don't know if the Siilanyo administration believes other wise but to me the answer is NO!

Unity plays the most important role, so it is the responsibility of a leader to maintain unity if he really wishes to be a successful leader.

Did Mr. Siilanyo maintain the unity of the nation or did he in fact disseminate it into the lowest levels ever seen!? It is collectively believed that he did the later and in a big way! However this is what he said in 18 May celebrations:

Brothers, what makes every nation great are his people. What builds a country, are his people. These virtues happen only when the people are united for their country.

"Walalayaal waddan kasta waxa wax ka dhiga dadkiisa, waxaa horumar gaadhsiisa ummadiisa, waddan wuxuu taabbo-galaa oo horumar ku talaabsadaa marks dadkiisu u wada ,iskuudoobnadaan unamidoobaan Qaranimada"

The president preached unity but did he practiced it? The simple answer to this in NO! Mr. President, unite your people if you want to defeat the second generation enemy and to do that let the divisive elements in you inner circle go. This may seem a strange advice from a strange party but it is a good advice!


"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth" (Baha'u'llah)

There is unity with someone else as well that will play a much bigger role if you believe that. It is so because this someone else is a mystifying partner in your success or failure that partner is your God, provide you do things in the Godly way, in the right way.

It is said that God plus one is majority. You have the support of the Almighty, only when you are united with him. That means believing in Him and doing the right thing.

How do you unite with this Higher Consciousness? You do so by having faith with him and with your people who trust you with their country and once you unite with God, It is on Him to see that you succeed in accomplishing the duties entrusted on you. So multiply your potential and insure your success by unleashing the Power of Unity. The unity of your people and the unity with your God is the answer. Always remember, God plus (the people and the government as one) one is majority. (yadullaahi macal jamaaca. Wa man yumin billaahi fa huwa hasbuhu)

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