06 February, 2013

President Silaanyo Reshuffles Regional Governors

President Silaanyo Reshuffles Regional Governors

Hargeisa:- In an attempt to move away from the normal practice of the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Silaanyo" on appointments based on community affiliation, the president has reshuffled his governors across Somaliland.

Unlike their municipal officials, Somaliland's governors are not elected but appointed by the president, and it has been the normal practise to have a governor for each region from the majority community in the particular area.

As a result, several disputes occurred after the recently concluded local election council, when power in some regions drifted into the hands of a particular community at the expense of another.

So, last night the president made the following changes.

Mohamed Mohamud Ali former Sool governor now Marodi Jeh
Ahmed Omar H. Abdilahi (Hamarji) former Marodi Jeh governor now Togdher
Mohamed Farah Aden new governor of Sool region
Abdow Ahmed Ayer former Togdher governor now Awdal
Ahmed Muhumed Gelle new governor of Sanaag
Yusuf Ibrahim Geedi former Odweine govenor now Gabiley
Jamal Hussein Hure, former Hawd governor now Odweine
Abdillahi Farah Maydhane new governor of Selel
Ahmed Ali Nur former Gabiley governor now Serar

and finally the president removed Ahmed Hadi Saeed from his post as governor of Awdal and thanked him for his service to the nation.

President Silaanyo also appointed two deputy ministers, Aden Dirie Egal, at Commerce and Nur Osman Guled at Justice.

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