23 October, 2012

The Strange Destiny of Somaliland Youth

The Strange Destiny of Somaliland Youth

Time is precious is a famous global quote that interprets the importance of life’s cycle and so is the youth. I took that quote as an example to show the essence of the Youth which is tomorrow’s future that needs to be taken in consideration for the prosperity of our country well-being, which is a task that bares to be really taken as a prime priority concern by Somaliland politician’s minds.

There is a huge problem into our nation which has always been present since the Colonial independence in which Somaliland Youth always mentions that most of politician’s had the chances of being in office while they were young and energetic which gave them height in their life & career as politicians.

But they didn’t pass it on over to the next generation which is so selfish that today it has raised one of the greatest conflict of anger that pose the so many young candidates into the elections which will took place in November.

If you take a deep attention of today’s Youth you’ll remark a huge frustration and depression of how Fed up they are of old politician’s that are blocking their ways. The words in Youth mouth while they are in cafeterias and chatting is “when will we get the chance to serve our nation if it is not today while we are young and fresh?”

And “should we always have to be led by 70 years old politician’s that are only good for political corruption, financial wrong doing, and enrichment while in public office?”

The irony of their sort is the conviction of 21 years of negligence spent in silence always expecting that things will change by having faith to their old leaders who never put a strategic plan for Somaliland Youth role to inherit a good leadership, and dignity for their children’s, children set as an example worth to follow which is a strange destiny. But this is going to change because this generation has the ambition of changing the system, the eager to transform the government into a working active government free of all sort of mal-governance.

By: Aden Deeq


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