31 July, 2012

A Somali Man applies to get visas for his ‘39 children’, lands in prison

A Somali Man applies to get visas for his ‘39 children’, lands in prison

Staff Reporter  khaleejtimes.com

A man who submitted applications for obtaining residence visas for 40 people laiming all of them except one are his children, was sentenced by the Federal Supreme Court to one year in prison on the charges of forgery and presenting false statements. One of the visa seekers proved to be the sibling of the applicant.

The court sentenced the rest of the defendants each six months in prison in absentia, to be followed by deportation after serving their jail term.

The court, however, acquitted one defendant after proving that the prime suspect is his biological father, Dubai-based Al Emarat Al Youm reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the main defendant submitted application to the Naturalisation and Residency Department in Dubai to get residence visas to 40 of his children.

The information given in the application raised suspicion of the department officials.

When two of the defendants were quizzed on their relation with the prime suspect, they denied that he is their father, while he (the prime suspect) denied submitting the application for getting them residence visas, saying that he had nothing to do with them, the report said.

Carrying out the ruling, the 18th defendant was arrested and was retried as per Article 203 of the Federal penal Law.

He denied the charges during the hearing. “He is my father and divorced divorced my mother after I was born. My father was polygamous,” he told the court.

He submitted to the court a certificate issued by the official authorities in Mogadishu, Somalia, on his particulars. He also produced to the court a passport in his name issued by the Somali embassy in Abu Dhabi.

As the documents proved the prime suspect is his biological father, the court ordered him to walk free, the report added.



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