26 June, 2012

Somaliland & Somalia Who Talks About More Talk

Somaliland & Somalia Who Talks About More Talk 

 Ahmed Kheyre 

In an unknown and secret location outside London , England , Somaliland 's fate as a sovereign nation is being decided behind close doors.
Since the media have not been given access to the meeting between Somaliland and the transitional federal government representatives in Somalia , we will have to rely on the official communiqué, which may, or may not, be issued.

The official agenda for the meeting was not made public. Somaliland is represented by its erstwhile Foreign Minister, Dr. Omar, the three times defeated head of the UCID party, Mr. Ali Warabe, the deputy-Speaker of the parliament, Mr. Bashe Farah and two other cabinet lightweights. These are the men entrusted with Somaliland 's fate.

No lions from KULMIYE, or UDUB or any other political, legislative or community organizations.

Behind closed doors, Somaliland will more than likely sign on to the constituent assembly which will be created in August 2012 to replace the weak transitional federal government in Somalia .

Behind closed doors, Somaliland will acquiesce to the "federal" system being promoted by the failed politicians from Somalia .

Behind closed doors, Somaliland will accept what the late President Egal, and his successor, President Riyale rejected. Somaliland rejected these proposals at both Arta and Embaghti, and the other 14 conferences held for southern Somalia .

Behind closed doors, two decades of peace, progress, democracy and development will be signed away by men who neither have the moral fibre, nor the authority to decide Somaliland 's fate.

Behind closed doors, Somaliland 's lightweight delegation will be devoured by "Machiavellian" politicians who have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Whilst we in Somaliland have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Behind closed doors, Somaliland's hard fought sovereignty and reclamation of independence will be signed away by men who neither fought for it, nor have a the fortitude to stand by the nation's decisions, to go it alone, come what may.

Behind closed doors, politicians from Somalia who have denied, decried and disputed Somaliland 's existence will smile as we once again "hand everything over".

For more than two decades Somaliland , through good times and bad times, remained a nation determined to chart its own course. International de-jure recognition should come at our own terms, or not at all.

If any Somalilander thinks, that a Foreign minister who once accused Somaliland's media of being in league with terrorism, a party leader who was rejected three times in a free and fair elections by his own people, and a minister who cannot even read or write, will secure Somaliland 's sovereignty; we must be suffering from collective denial.

My brothers and sisters, what is taking behind closed doors outside London , is treason.

We all know what is coming next. Politicians come and go, but a nation is here to stay. Let us be ready for the fall-out from this treacherous act.

Somalis have a saying "Beeni raad me leh" (a lie has no footprints). The lies told to the Somaliland people or the lies told the United Kingdom , Norway , EU and the international community will come out.

Either the people of Somaliland were lied to or the International community was lied to.

Ahmed Kheyre




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