12 May, 2012

I heartily congratulate all Somalilanders on Independence Day of the Republic of Somaliland .

I heartily congratulate all Somalilanders on Independence Day of the Republic of Somaliland .

AbdiRahman Mohamed

This is the most memorable and glorious date in the history of our nation, which symbolises our people’s heroism, their courage and selflessness displayed in fighting against the dictatorship for the freedom of the dear country. The reason we learn history is, While we are witnessing what is happening today; and we have read about the past; then simply we can predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

This holiday has an inseparable link with one of the most important events in Somaliland history: the liberation of our Motherland from what is formerly called great Somalia .

Our today’s achievements are based on the spirit of the unconquered people who together with its people of Diaspora, local residents and nomadic people to made the significant contribution into saving the humanity from the dictatorship governing plus its tyranny and oppression.

We will let nobody violate the Great Victory gained through demanding efforts at the cost of the life of every Somalilander.

Since those heroic days, Somaliland has walked a glorious path of labour and creation. We have managed to create an independent state with a stable dynamic economy, well trained and loyal to their duties army and speedy growing education with high authority that has been known throughout most of the world and will soonest get the recognition it deserves.

This holiday has a special meaning for our independent state, for every citizen and our strength lies in the unity of the people and the government.Again I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the remarkable date – the 21st anniversary since Somaliland restored its independence.

There’s no honour greater than the honour of serving your Motherland. It has long become a custom on the Somaliland that the worthiest and most courageous men go to the Army; therefore the Army has always been a source of great pride for the people.The signs of the Somaliland will be forever covered with glory. Our Army liberated Hargiesa and Borama, Berbera and Burao, Lasanod and Erigavo. Our Army brought freedom to Somaliland and saved the Horn of Africa from treat that would be risky if not had been done so.

We have preserved people’s army, rebuilt the prestige of military service and deep respect for the Homeland defenders.Our Armed Forces are capable of protecting the Republic of Somaliland and becoming a reliable support for our people, bear in mind that Power in defense of freedom is greater than powering against tyranny and oppression.

On this day, following the long-established struggle, we celebrate our veterans whose fit of labour has built the foundation of our today’s life. We salute those who are building its happy future. A Chinese proverb says, those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well, likewise those who live and test the independence should commit to memory and pray to those who fought for it, the independence.

The deeds and actions of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War deserve eternal recognition of the world community. The nation that suffered horrific damage from the disloyal aggression was creating the Victory which came at a high cost.

On this festive day, I heartily wish all those who served and those who are now serving in the army, good health, happiness, successes in your service and work for the benefit of our dear Somaliland !Somalilanders are only one people regardless to the difference of their body proportions, color, ethnicity, level of education, or standard of living. It is in these very minutes that we especially feel our unity: a worker and the President, a farmer and a businessman, a company director and a teacher, a doctor and a military man. When unity is our strength, then diversity is our beauty.

As one said before, goal is more important than role sowe are a nation, A nation that is not divided by political conflict and property redistribution, but rather a nation united by one goal of promoting the development of our Fatherland.

The increase in prices for food and the presence of inflation have become a severe test for our economy. Now it’s possible to state openly: judging by its consequences, that blow was so hard that it could throw any economy into collapse.

It is from the young committed people that the republic expects significant actions and undertakings, energy and determination in implementing truly ambitions and plans for making a breakthrough toward a new quality of life, high technologies and a worthy place that will be among the most advanced countries of the international community soon Insha ALLE.

We are proud of our remarkable countrywomen who are not only wonderful wives and mothers, but also outstanding professionals in a variety of areas, doing their utmost to ensure wellbeing and prosperity of Somaliland . Dear mothers may your loved ones and relatives give you attention, care and tenderness every day.

Dear school university students, Let me remind you that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today so work persistently to absorb knowledge, try to think creatively, solve the most difficult assignments independently and meet your objectives.

I wan to express my deep gratitude to our distinguished school and university teachers to say, may good luck be always on your side in your noble mission of serving the ideals of wisdom, enlightenment and goodness.I wish good health, new achievements in education and labour, happiness and wellbeing to all school and university students and teachers. Welcome to the land of Knowledge !

On this special day allow me, from the bottom of my heart, to wish you happiness, good health, inexhaustible energy, strength of mind, excellent mood and success to you in your every undertaking for the benefit of our dear Motherland.

All Praise to ALLAH


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