06 September, 2012

Somaliland:The “Tani effect” in full display yesterday in Borama

Somaliland:The “Tani effect” in full display yesterday in Borama

Yesterday, Xaqsoor presented some of its candidates in Borama and the “Tani effect” as documented in my recent article (Tani “Xasan Ciise is the best presidential candidate” is sending shockwaves throughout Somaliland) was in full display for everybody to see .

The iconic UFO ring leader detailed account of Xasan Ciise academic and leadership skills seem to have done wonders to the campaign of Xaqsoor in Western Somaliland. Happy faces, joyous scenes and energized supporters lined up the streets to greet the caravan of Abdinur AwCabdi Shaacir.

Inside the Mana Guest Hotel, Xaqsoor local candidates were beaming with confidence. In my previous account, I talked about how Dr Tani video was the talk of the town as I eye witnessed it during a summer vacation in Somaliland.

Intrigued by the “Tani effect”, I decided to follow up and call a couple of friends in Borama to in assess its real impact on the ground. From what I learned, Xaqsoor local operatives have made great strides with Dr Tani endorsement, especially when it came to convince clan elders to provide them with good candidates .

Sources on the round report that the Xaqsoor campaign in Awdal was initially plagued by the selection of Cali Sandule as the first deputy. Dr Tani video seems to have shifted the pendulum back and provided a real shot in the arm for Xaqsoor in Awdal.

Ongoing chatters putting Dr Tani as the VP and heavyweight minister for Western Somaliland in a future Xasan Ciise seem, according to my friends, to have picked up several notches.

There is a consensus in Borama that if Xaqsoor comes on top, come November 28th, political scientists will have to look at the Tani video as one the defining moment of the municipal elections campaign.

To have a look back at Dr Tani video, follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqQth7SNzUc&feature=plcp


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